No Static at KTVL

Loaded up KTVL and noticed this IRL very busy airport doesn’t have a single static plane in place. I double checked my ground aircraft density setting and it’s at 100%.

Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it?

  1. Are you using an addon airport or the default airport?
  2. When you look at the airport in sim, does it have many parking spots? Looks like it does.
  3. If no traffic or static planes, then there’s likely a problem with the taxiway network. Maybe the parking spots aren’t connected to the runways? Maybe the author didn’t even make a taxiway network?

The parking spots all have to be connected to a taxi network, and that network has to go to at least one runway taxiway with a hold short in between positioned less than 150 ft or meters from the runway taxi node, something like that.

You should be able to inspect these things in the Scenery Editor. I’m not sure how, I always use Airport Design Editor to make a project for me. I don’t know how to just go into DevMode and open an airport without that step.

hi, thanks for your response. this is a default MSFS airport, and it has tons of parking spots when looking at the World Map

I can take a quick look at it tomorrow.

It’s also very possible you have an improperly written Airport_Services file in the vicinity blocking traffic if you have any bush airports, but, typically it would affect your whole installation, depending.

It’s not just the sliders, check that traffic is still enabled … sometimes this sim has a mind of it’s own.

I just checked the airport out in ADE. I don’t see any taxiway or parking issues.
All parking spots are between 7 and 13 meters radius, which is plenty big enough to have planes.

yes, double checked and live traffic is enabled. but would that even matter to statis aircraft?

the mystery thickens. did you see any static craft when loaded up as well?

I didn’t go there yet in the sim. I only checked out the taxiway network.
When I get a chance I’ll head over there. Working on KASH at the moment, hope to release an update to KASH in the next couple of days

ah ok i misread

I have the same issue. Anyone ever come up with a solution?

not on my end