No steering after landing possible

#pc / Microsoft Store version

Since the last update there is no steering to the right or left possible, after landing. When starting the game/flight everything works fine. I use an airbus thrustmaster joystick, that always works fine and no disfunctions are shown. Can somebody help?

Check your assistance settings in your General Options, make sure all assists are Hard/True to Life. Also turn off All assists inside the in-flight toolbar as well.

Then check your bindings. Make sure you only have the thrustmaster twist axis bound to the rudder control. If you find any other rudder bound to other hardware (keyboard, mouse, gamepad controllers, etc) make sure you remove them to prevent conflicting inputs acros multiple hardware.

What aircraft are you flying on? if you are using the latest FBW A32NX aircraft, note that they separate the binding for Rudder and Nosewheel tiller steering, so you need to bound that in your controls as well. See the Nose Wheel and Tiller Operation - FlyByWire Simulations Documentation about this.

Thanks! I tried it out. Now I have the problem,when the cursor of the mouse is touching an interactive surface, like flight control, steering is not possible. When removing the curser. it´s working again…