No Tail Lights/ Logo Lights after take off

Hi, I’m using the FBW stable version 0.6.3 using the installer from the web. My trouble is when on the ground, all the aircraft navigation lights is available when switched on… However, after take off, the logo/tail lights were off. The switch didnt do anything… Is this a bug or intentional? Hope somebody can help.

Hard to say. PMDG tells us it is a bug on the Asobo side of things. The Just Flight Arrows seem to work okay. So… it’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma.


I understand that the logo lights go off automatically after takeoff. (with gear retraction?).
Not a bug.

well thats weird… just now… when i’m in approach… after entering descent approach, the tail lights were on… the gear is still up not down… it turns on somewhere near approach… i was still in flaps 1…

Edited: Its on when Flaps in config 1… and auto off when take off…

also further reading Exterior Lighting Control Panel | Navigation and Logo Light Switch | Section 3.5.3

Yes, you are right. They will be on when you are on the ground or with flaps 1 and slats.
By the way, is there a reason you choose the “Stable” version over the dev version?

No reason… Just trying different versions… So far on development versions, waypoints jumping during approach occurs quite often… on stable, it randomly jumps waypoints… But i do prefer the development version though… On stable descent rate is slower compared to development version at least for now… And i got less CTD using stable compared to development version.