No taxiway ribbon at UUDD

Having just done a near 3 hour flight from Frankfort to Moscow I was a little fed up when I was told to taxi to gate 2 but there was no taxi ribbon to guide me there, as such I could not find the gate, and I was using the self loading cargo add on so that meant I could not complete the flight as could not let passengers out.

Usually when that happens, I just pick a random gate, park there, and do engine cut-off and it should work the same way.

I tried that, parked up next to a jetway but wasn’t even given the option of connecting the jetway and i think the SLC program only lets you open the doors of a jetway is connected.

Ohh really? I always find that if I’m parked at the gate properly, the ground services will have the option to call for jetways.

I think if you’re using the FBW A320 mod, you can open doors without the jetways. But I haven’t tested it yet.

It might be something to do with the self loading cargo add on, it was quite strange actually because after I parked up the only options were to request taxi to take off, i tried that then i did get an option to connect jetway only it kept disappearing, like literally i could see it there but before i had time to click it, it just disappeared.

Nah, I don’t think so. Even without SLC, some flights are like that after landing. That you don’t have any options to taxi to gate/parking so you end up having to choose one anyway.

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Just landed UUDD 32L with no issues for taxi ribbon, in a 930. No mods other than liveries.

It is quite odd actually as I did a test flight from there with the Flybywire A320NX mod, i started from the same gate that i was told to go to when I had the issue, gate 2, and guess what, no taxiway ribbon to guide me to the runway, another odd thing that happened, which also happened on the initial flight, I was sure I would be landing on runway 32L or R based on the wind direction, and I was flying in real time with a live flight, who I must say did a very good job at catching me up as I departed on time whereas he was a little delayed!, anyway back to the point, so as I was approaching the airport i was given runway 14 so I had to change my flight plan to set up for that approach but almost as soon as I was told that the ATC contacted the real life flight (i notice if you use the same flight number they add heavy to the live flight) and he was given the runway I was expecting. And the same thing happened on my test flight, i just panned to take of, circle around and land again to see if the taxiway ribbon problem still persisted, i was given 32, took off, and almost straight away contacted ATC for landing clearance, expecting to be using 32 again but now they wanted me on 14! anyway, I landed and was given a different gate to go to and got the ribbon this time so I wonder if its a glitch with gate 2.