No Terminal Buildings At Airport

I have been noticing at several airports thier are no terminal buildings just gates. I do not have a clue in why this is happening as I just did your update a few days ago. Any help would be helpful to figure out why I do not have terminals at airports just the gates. Thankls

Sometimes if u go back to main menu and start again they will load up. It’s happened couple of times, also check ur graphics settings for level of terrain detail or whatnot, sometimes low to medium doest this as well.

I already rebooted the game twice went to the same airport still no terminal

Okay so capetown has termianls and gates but KSFB which is sanford orlando doesnt have terminal plus thier are taxi light in the middle of the taxi ways so this KSFB needs some attention because its all screwed up thanks Asobo…

Deleting or resetting your rolling cache also mitigates this phenomenon. It did for me in SU5.

How do you do that?