No TOD nor BOD during RNAV flight

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DA 62, Cessna 172 with G1000

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Current DA62 and current Cessna 172 with G1000

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This is more a G1000 issue. Nothing happens when I click the VNAV button. TOD and BOD do not appear on the MFD.

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Fly the DA 62 to 10000 ft with autopilot on. Set the altitude bug to 1600 (Runway RNAV 6 at KISP). Click the VNAV button. Nothing happens. VPath does not appear on the PFD,. TOD and BOD do not appear on the MFD map. When near KISP, the APR button is also dead requiring a VFR approach/landing. Same results with the cessna 172 with G1000.

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As of the most recent update. Today’s date: 3-Apr-2024.

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Did you set the altitude at the RWY waypoint in the Flight Plan of the G1000?

As Casual is describing, check your flight plan. You need to have an attitude constraint at some future waypoint to which the avionics can calculate a decent path.

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The other piece to this is if you want a ToD and BoD or runway 16, the easiest way is to use PROCedures and load a Visual Approach and select STRAIGHT transition.

Assuming you are not too close, the NXi will generate a leg with a three mile final and a calculated GP after FINAL waypoin, which you couple to AP using APR mode. And it will have a ToD /BoD from your current altitude if you’re higher than required.

If you still want an RNAV guidance, then you have to select and load an RNAV approach corresponding to RWY16 and Activate it. That will calculate a leg to the IAF and provide you with ToD/BoD if you’re higher than the IAF intercept altitude.

Hi Casual and Big,
Thanx for the prompt response. I have not input the altitude myself, but I believe the altitude is set in the RNAV setup in the aircraft. The flight plan shows 600 ft at 2 miles (if i’m reading it correctly and I may not be). I set the RNAV approach on the G1000. I am pretty much a beginner, so it is possible I’m missing something. On the other hand I had nothing but RNAV success and no problem with TOD BOD until these recent flight sim updates.

Please show your flight plan on the MFD. Also, did you ACTIVATE the Approach? This will generate a ToD.

I highly recommend you watch tutorials on the G1000 or give the manual a quick glance around the alt hold and VNAV modes. There are a tons on variables here and it’s very unlikely we will be able to guess what’s happening. 9/10 times it’s user error.

Would that be the functional equivalent of an LPV approach, from the FAF to the threshold? Minus the other parts of an LPV approach, of course.

Kinda. Not that I’m very conversant in the differences, (other than altitude is calculated at GPS height differences based on position, not baro alt), the biggest delta is how you choose to transition into the Approach.

A Straight sends you right to the IAF from present position which puts you up at a 3 mile approach ending at a final with a calculated GP. That’s sort of like any RNAV approach where you’re cleared to the IAF directly from present position.

A Vector assumes ATC will vector you to the IAF. I’ll check again to be sure, but I believe it also generates a linear Course to Fix leg extending from Final that you can intercept manually.

Because it’s a calculated GP, there are no Obstacle offsets. Just like any handflown VFR approach, you’re still responsible for what may intersect with that GP.

The GP is standard 3 degree, so you may see disagreement cross-checking with PAPI/VASI if the latter’s a steeper angle.

Just like any other IAP, you’ll have needle guidance in the PFD on approach and Final.

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Hi All, Recently I did several flights using waas/LPV on the DA62, the Cessna 172 G1000, and on the Baron G58. I did my normal preflight setup, selecting the RNAV approach (different airports) and in every case I did get the TOD and the BOD. Descents started at TOD and finished properly at BOD. The APR button then worked properly right down to the runway. I have no explanation other than there’s magic in the air. Thank you for your insights and tips. All is well and I don’t know why.