No trees in northern Spain

I am flying around in northern Spain at the moment. Here more or less all trees are missing. In other regions they are there. Could the Bing data be the reason? (e.g. from Leon to Santiago)

Just a little feedback… But all in all - great job!


Look up the region on Bing Maps and zoom in to see what it looks like. It’s possible that the area you’re referring to is a very low res satellite image and the AI doesn’t know how to render it properly.

I saw that issue in a small mining town in northern Canada. The town should be surrounded by thick boreal forest, but in game, only half the town is modelled and the other half and the area around are barren tundra with the odd single tree. Turns out that it’s due to a strip of very low res satellite imagery in the Bing Maps data for the entire eastern half of the town.

Hmm, the picture quality is not so bad in upper Spain. I rather think that the AI here has forgotten the trees :slight_smile:

Make sure you zoom in all the way when you check Bing. If I zoom back 2 levels on this town, the entire thing is there in matching resolution, and looks great, albeit a little less detailed. Once I get down to highest zoom, the image is what you see, and that’s the image the AI uses to model the landscape.

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