No widebodies at LSZH Zurich

I’ve noticed that there are no widebodies parked at the E gates in the Microsoft version of LSZH. With FSDT there are. Is there anyway to fix this? FSDT LSZH currently has broken ILS so just using FSDT instead isn’t really an option.

Didn’t have (so far) any problems with ILS rwy 14 (autoland) and 16 on FSDT-version. But why restrict yourself to airports with (working) ILS? RNAV-approaches are just as simple.
Bit surprised that you don’t get widebodies on the standard version. Do you use FSLTL-traffic? Highly recommended!

The type of aircraft a gate is capable of handling is coded in the actual airport file, and you will see that when you select a gate for your departure.
They must say Heavy in order to have a widebody there.
Of the thirty some gates in “E”, only six have the “heavy” designation, (E19, 20, 27, 34, 42, &67) the rest are “medium”.
Your chances therefore are slim, but if your timing is right, you might be able to spot a widebody at those gates.
There is no current way to easily change the gate assignments.
However, a new product for MSFS, called the Scenery Gateway System has just recently entered a limited beta testing process.
This system will allow MSFS users to edit and correct these types of airport issues.
There is no estimated date yet as to when this will be released.

Thank you! That makes sense.

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