Nobody knows the whole world

I think none here from the forum! Now the fact that many people meet here and their experiences with the parts of the earth in which they make life out of the fragments into a whole.

But imagine we didn’t have a forum in which to exchange ideas like with the first Sims, how impressed everyone would be with the beauty of the graphics and the places in the world where they have never been before and which are therefore not known.
I personally know a lot of places in Germany, a few in Holland, a few in Spain and 2-3 in the USA, which I can compare with the one in the Sim, but which for me are still at a very high level, maybe not perfect but more beautiful and more realistic than any other Sim before.
Only the fact that everyone here in the area he lives in and that he knows mistakes makes the whole Sim bad. I’ve now not to look for mistakes in the landscape, the houses and everything, but just fly! And when I come to a place I’ve never been before, it’s always overwhelming for me to see this graphical perfection, regardless of whether it corresponds to reality or not, I don’t know reality.
I don’t care if the house in the place where I’m flying is black or a bit bigger than the real house. What matters to me is the overall picture of the regions and they are always overwhelming.

Maybe we should all get into the habit of flying a little more impartially and in places where we have never been before to contemplate the beauty that this Sim offers us again and again!


And while flying turn off those FPS counters, autopilots and all that stuff and fly the plane and enjoy the beauty of the scenery.

Currently DV20 over Wyoming… holy fu**


The things you don’t care about I, and many others, do care about very much.

I did job very long time (old times) over complete USA.

I can say not flew over Arctica, Antarctica, South America and parts of Asia. Now I fly only local flights near my Country and joy that GA flights.

I can remember one perfect event in 2004 in Australia (Aussie Rally???) where all was set as some race with certificates after all stages. Very nice Australia!

Yes and then those stupids that say “looks like fsx”

If Fsx had these visuals … itwould run at 1 FPS :joy:

I live in the netherlands … and can fly vfr without map from west to east and north to south … thats how good it is !!!

But complaints complaints … of that million houses in the neterlands … that 1 is not correct … those 2 look stupid … COME ON

people are spoiled and think the are pilots and a €129 pc game should be perfect like a multimillion real sim !

Try the great fms in the default FSX B737 :joy:
Still complaining about FS2020 that is just a few weeks old. Took years before FSX had a good 737

World is getting crazy !


@ AppliedPython94

Not really my friend.

I can also now fly FSX with VFR any place. All depends how you’re skilled…

You are the best


It’s only joy for simming with real world experience. This isn’t casting. This is pure joy for flying :wink:

… and maybe also all when your dream will not come true as me :wink:

Sometimes I feel satisfied, especially when I try imagine that I can be one of them (RIP in Borso hill).

100% agreed. People get suddenly accustomed to perfect photoreal sceneries with hundreds of custom objects and when they see a place that isn’t absolutely perfect they cry like it’s a shame.