Nobody like default ATC IFR

everyone say to me dont use ATC
but i love ATC IFR.
so i try 1000 times
if you want decent, you must follow atc ifr guide, so you need very fast VS maybe vs -2000 more
and. this time ( after simupdate5 )
if you want climb, you must follow atc ifr guide, so you need very slow VS maybe vs +600 below.
first guide, after you.

I use the atc all the time. I keep hearing that people dont like it or that it doesnt work. (now it doesnt) I can go gate to gate every single time using atc. I’m just thinking that people dont know how to use it.

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Yes. The problem is that it repeats itself, I don’t use the AI ATC for IFR Clearance, IFR Taxi and IFR Clearance for Takeoff, but activate AI ATC after lift off and it does okay, Any idea on what happened to the AZURE voices after SU5 and how I can reactivate them?

Hi @heaye!

As this isn’t a bug report I’ve moved your topic to #community:general-discussion-feedback, but thanks for the interesting topic :+1:


I don’t know what you are trying to say here…

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Maybe this is something:

I also use it, mostly for atmosphere. I just ignore ridiculous advise from it like climb to FL200 on approach in my DC-6.

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