Non comercial developers

I wonder if there is a way to create own aircraft and share it with other.
I haven’t check the developer tool completely (just a short overlook). But i did some aircrafts for XPlane and i want to do the same for FS2020 if possible.

First question: Can i do that with my Premium Deluxe or do i need a special Software for that?
2: Is there any tutorials yet (there’s no manual though)
3: Implementation. Is there a way to install this planes without tweaking the XML and corefiles? (E.g. Installer)

Thank you in advance

Have a look in the SDK Discussion, it will answer question 1 & 2 (afaik SDK is public & there are a few tutorials in the SDK discussion, also the SDK comes with documentation). I have no clou in regards to your third question. :upside_down_face: