Non-existing road near Adolphe Bridge Luxemburg City

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Only 3 atm… and far away… some fancy airplane, one airport and Alaska orca’s.

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Right next to Adolphe Bridge in Luxemburg City (a POI) there has been a bypass bridge for car traffic, used in 2015-2017 while Adolphe Bridge was in restauration. Info about these works can be found in this article in the Luxembourg Times. MSFS still shows the bypass bridge (road only !) right next to the reopened Adolphe Bridge. The restoration situation - with the bypass - is fully shown in Google Earth, the MSFS shows some situation halfway. Without the works, but with the bypass.

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The temporary bypass bridge looked like this:

In MSFS 2021 we find this, the bypass is visible as a huge road right next to Adolphe… through the trees!

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it’s not local… many posted images on this forum, because Adolphe Bridge is “flyable”, you can pass under it. This ugly bumpy road next to Adolphe is visible for everyone.

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Have you seen that fillin form :cat: “report a small bug or issue”

What windows build… (I wonder if non-experts know you can do Windows key + R and then run “winver” to find it :smirk_cat: )


And then I got an e-mail

Ok “received” but what is my number ? I don’t see any LINK in that mail, how can I follow what happens ? Or will there be a second confirmation mail…

automate this procedure some way… please… members do things 2x now

SELECT * FROM POSTS WERE forum_template=“filled in” INTO ZendeskExport

Zendesk mail, it was put in the issue tracker list :slight_smile:

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Nice to know, but again… no issue number ! did Zendesk abolish the numbers ? Where can I find the list of scenery issues at Zendesk… Can’t follow what’s happening… and I’m afraid this does not really motivate, I don’t like filling in BIG forms, that land in a black hole somewhere :cat:

There is a request number generated when you hit submit. I just confirmed this now. Also, if you signed in using one of the allowed accounts, you can see a list of all the tickets you have submitted. (Click on your name in the upper right, use the dropdown and select My Activities).

I must have overseen that moment. Previously (in december) I submitted an issue about the tulip fields (which was a stupid beginner-submit from my side…) but in december, I am sure I got that number in my e-mail. With this submit, I did not get a number. I’ll watch next time when I do the submit. There is nothing in Google, so there is no accessible list of issues.