Nose wheel randomly stops working

Out of nowhere my nose wheel will just stop working. I mostly notice this with the default A320.

Am I missing a new hotkey or something? This started in the last 2 or 3 updates.
You can see my rudder respond find, but my nose wheel doesn’t? Again, this just randomly happens while taxing.

Have you assigned an axis to nose wheel steering and with flight model where you on modern or legacy when assigning it.
Possible with the update it resets the sim settings due to new key use default settings,.
Are you on the move and stay below 20 knots becase above the nose wheel steering will be less effective or completly not effective.
Also you can try to load in your usual profile by setting up default profile +F11 to save and then reload your own made profile again.
If your usb, device is not responding at all dissable and re enable the usb plug in sim.
Hope this helps to solve the problem

I Landed in the A320 COuldnt get the Nose Wheel to Work

Then changed to the Milviz 310R - (Nothing again)
Then Decided to set up a WHOLE NEW COntroller From Default
The NOSEWHEEL still Does Not Work - after setting all my Buttons on the Joystick
It shows up as working on all Control settings - and also Sensitivity settings
But not in the Plane Simulation

I restarted the simulator and it worked again

Do you have the SET NOSE WHEEL STEERING TO LIMIT option binded to anything? I noticed that this started happening to me after I setup a keybind for the SET NOSE WHEEL STEERING TO LIMIT to fly the F-18.

I have since unbinded the option and haven’t had an issue with the nose wheel since.

After Landing the A320Neo - is When this Started- SO Cant turn off the Runway with other Planes too.

Thats TRUE - That is What happenned-
Although I do Use the Button Mapped to SET NOSE WHEEL STEERING TO LIMIT