Nose wheel steering mentioned in Q&A March 10th

listing to the Q&A comments about nose wheel steering already being implemented in the game, i rushed over to assign the 16000M twist function only to find it doesn’t work. the nose tiller is not assigned as an axis and thus will only turn left or right without auto straightening. i cannot think of a reason why the sim would be designed in this way. having searched i see many others are also dumbfounded.

reminds me of tca throttle quadrant that was implemented and later updated with “norm” missing from the switch positions. i know asobo have a throttle as i’ve seen it in their videos.

am i miss understanding something, these both seem super basic.

I’m also wondering. Sure there are the commands “Steering increase” and “Steering decrease”, but if I sign them to the TCA rudder axis, it’s very hard (almost impossible) to taxi because they react like buttons. Also don’t know what for “Steering set” is?

I was trying to figure this out too…nothing changed on my end either. The only thing that worked for me was to add the settings into FSUIPC, but even then, I had trouble getting the sensitivity just right. So, I just gave up and went back to rudder steering for now.

I wonder if the CRJ will have it’s own tiller-sterring control?