Not able to start a flight!

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Brief description of the issue:, flights won’t load ( loading progress bar is full but nothing start ) . i’ve noticed that this occurs for many flights using third-party airports . I was able to start flights using Asobo Airport (LFPG, KJFK)

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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: seems that third partyscenery not beeing able to be loaded when starting a flight

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I made a similar post as I’m having similar issues. I’ve heard it could be because of the REX airport textures (if you have them installed). I will need to experiment more after work.

Okay many thanks :grinning:, so I will removed Rex Textures for Now and will see if it’s better

Hi, By removing the Rex Aiport textures folder from ‘Community’, flights now loaded correctly !!! Happy that this has fixed this issues !