Not working when loading offline

Anyone else play offline? I just updated to and i keep getting an error message to close the sim and takes me back to press any button. i play offline alot due to the speed on my internet. does anyone else have this problem? and anyone know a qiuck fix please thanks

I believe you at least need an internet connection for sign in even if not using any online functions in the sim. If you have no internet connection when starting the sim up it will fail to load until it establishes a connection with the servers to sign you in.

Was you able to play without a connection before the update then?

Yes I was. For like 4 months without internet

Oh ok i was lead to believe there was no way to play completely offline.

I assume by no internet, you do mean completely off and no connection to the net on the pc at all?
and not just online functions in sim turned off.

No internet connection at all I was meaning

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