Nothing has been fixed (WU6)

MSFS 2020 is now a year old…and for me (a retired, experienced Glider and GA pilot ) I think a little reflection is in order. What do we have as of now ?.. I ask myself.
I need not go into the promises that MS made when FS2020 was launched or the hype surrounding it, but I was fortunate eneugh to be able to buy a high performance computer and acted on those promises. What we got was an aviation hobby program that was declared a continuation of the MSFS franchise.It turned out to be neither a "real as it gets "Simulator for “hard core” enthusiasts or an aviation game for the mass market, but a mish-mash which pleased few from both groups.
MSOBO have been struggling,with piecemeal “upgrades”, attempting satisfy everyone ever since launch, …and mostly failing…but at least, since SU5 we now know what their priorities (at present) are…the “gaming fraternity” via the XBOX. FS2020 is advertised as “Optimised for XBOX”…and I believe that is just what it is…entertainment for aviation novices.
Personally the present offeriing (post SU5) is of little use to me, FS2002 was always too underdeveloped and superficial to even get close to FS2004 (with appropriate add-ons) …“as real as it gets”…in its day.
There seems to be hope however, for Simmers, especially Pilots, such as I. I wonder if MS are edging towards what many of us thought inevitable…a version for “Gamers”…XBOX…and one for Hobbyist Simmers…with “by the book ATC”, “real weather” that actually is realistic,and Offline AI traffic properly packaged.----- I tried online traffic once, only to listen to the FS “controller” vainly “instructing” a RW airliner to change altitude…ridiculous !
In the meantime…we can only try and get some satisfying computer flying fom MSFS…if we can be bothered. The stutters and stops are reduced but not eliminated, and the reduced graphics performance introduced by the SU5 upgrade mostly remains. Bugs in the base Sim from introduction are unfixed, “Gamer gimmicks” such as pushback trolleys on GA aprons and the infuriating logbook popup still remain.
The Simmer Community are entitled to “lobby” for the kind of Sim they want, but we are in the hands of the mighty MS, who will doubtless follow their (commercial ?) agenda whatever is said.
We however can have the last word, dump FS2020 and leave MS and the Gamers to it.


I/ve not used it for a while, start the 320 from cold and dark. taxi to the runway and CTD.
See nothing has changed. Back to Xplane this thing is a waste of time.

Hi, you can find it on

September 11 Tribute Lights - 9/11 » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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They have already changed the roadmap so that next two updates will be Sim Updates, so I think your abusive post is a little late and you could have saved yourself the increased blood pressure by actually following what they announce.

I have msfs for over 28 years. Got MSFS2020 from the beginning and i thought it is my last best simware .However , after the latest 2 updates,with many new bugs created but havent solve the old ones,i understand the telling : Eye candy means.
I have ever had a lots of hope and waiting they could be immproved but it doesnt seem to.
Finally,in all, so far for msfs2020, weather ,photoreal and the ground mesh are the only three main winning parts in compared with other simwares.
MSOBO ,if u keeping on like this, it will force lots of real fs simmers turn to keep an eye on XP12 if there is one !

Do you by any chance have Capture One software installed on your PC? If so, the probable fix for your CTDs is here:

CTD caused by Capture One 20 codec - Bugs & Issues / CTDs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

World Updates clearly bring in a lot of interest and sales in those regions and people making content are not the same people fixing bugs.

Hopefully there can be more of a management focus to address the sim issues especially if WU’s are causing more issues than they are fixing, lets hope Asobo strikes a better balance and reduces these issues sooner rather than later.

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I also think that they should focus more on the simulation, more weight in the balance to simulation instead new content.

The “watching” content lasts a moment, the simulation is permanent. So it is clear which one is more important.

Some things to improve:

  • Ground physics for take-off and landing, specially in (some) taildraggers is very noticeable, excesive turning when accelerating for take off, unstable, etc.
  • TACAN, we need them working and differentiated from VORs for military aircrafts.
  • Continue improving and fixing the ATC.
  • Improve and fix the flight planner. Yesterday I tried a route VOR-to-VOR and it said not available, changed to IFR-low and it created it with the VORs and some WPT, which I removed and got a VOR-to-VOR plan.
  • Fix and improve the current content, specially some aircraft bugs, and add them functionality to disabled buttons/controls, and allow to open the window/door/canopy, etc.

And probably more not mentioned. So there is so much to improve for the current, that it should take more weight in the balance.

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It doesn’t help that the many of the most popular 3rd party aircraft being flown were originally developed for FSX and don’t even come close to behaving correctly within the MSFS flght model.

Yes, agree. At the same time I think we should focus more on flying and simming than constant bug hunting.

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The hotfix is due out today 17/09/21 15:00UTC for WU6 Hotfix 1 -
Article about it is here

Good luck Asobo. Crossing my fingers for this update does not bring more people to the “dark side of the sim”.

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Or rather here:

What am I reading here? Wind gusts have been reactivated!

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This is not an official MSFT article isn’t it?

I keep on hearing this ‘they changed their doings, look they scheduled 2 sim updates after eachother’. I’d like to point out that the second sim update is only 2 - 3 weeks after the first and thus will contain very little content. It probably is nothing more than enabling the Air Races.

I didn’t say it was .Tidal has posted the official blog link above.

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At the moment, the direction of the sim is not heading my direction.

Bought a new airport today from OrbX (obviously not from Marketplace) and a flight from England to Bromma ended up in CTD 30 minutes from touchdown.

Absolutely made me so angry.

Of course this is how it works with PC gaming but come on, this system of delivery and design is a hit or miss.

The cheerleaders will tell you that they will fix this and the other…based on a democratic system with votes? Ask a bunch of kids if they want candy or carrots for dinner, I am sure you will get a democratic answer to that…


I’ve just installed a 3060 to replace my tiny GT1030 … So now where’s that roll back to SU4 thread? :innocent:

Just kidding, my values haven’t changed. This is a sim is for everyone and not just those that can afford the biggest hardware. :smiley:

Well I can confirm the night lighting has been fixed by the latest hotfix (just out), looks fab again. Some nighttime flying awaits.