Noticed something in the logbook and profile

I found that I have a number of flights not logged due to the program crashing. It would be nice if it would log up until the crash because I have one very long flight and I was at the end taxing to my gate when it crashed so it was a complete flight.
Also I noticed in my profile that it showed I had only done half the landing challenges which is not true as I have done them all and even got over 1 million on each one.

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Agreed, Lost over 20 hours on long flights at the end when returning to main menu.

Wow! I have lost quite a bit but nowhere near that. That sucks!

It’s the opposite for me. I have many hours of flight time logged for the time I spent building airports in the SDK and there’s no way to get rid of those.

And the profile pages are a mess in general. Every time I look at my statistics I find differntly unrealistic values. I have several achievements I definitely didn’t earn. E.g. I have the Backup-Plan achievement despite never using the pushback function. Not to mention that according to my profile I have now completed 2 out of 40 bush trips. Every time I come back their amount has gone up.

So yeah, a few bug fixes and functionality additions seem to be in order…