Notre-Dame is missing in Paris

I did a flyover in Paris

and notice the whole island where Notre-Dame is not complete.

Amazing! Milan has data and textures 3 to 5 years old and missing important buildings!

London, Vienna, Paris, and lot of other beautiful cities almost unrecognizable …

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Paris is not yet one of the cities in photogrammetry …

This will come over time and with future updates to Bing Map 3D integrated with MSFS.

I am pretty sure that buildings like these don’t get constructed through photogrammetry. They need to be hand made.

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Everything about photogrammetry doesn’t need construction.

Everything comes from Bing Map 3D.

What isn’t in photogrammetry is done by hand …

See the latest news and video about the upcoming 08/27 Bing update.

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@FS20208823 thanks for the reply, I was also wondering about that, and about churches not being in the Sim.

Where can we get the details about the Bing updates you mentioned, please ?
I couldn’t find it in the Help section of Bing Maps.


Wait for church, antennas and other…
I don’t know about that but I think is coming later.

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Thanks ! <3