Nov 12 - SDK update - WebAssembly modules?

What does this mean? Is it relating to allowing dll like access to the sim? dll’s have a special entry/exit points too.


  • We added support for standalone WASM modules. These should be placed in a “modules” folder located at the root of the package, and will be loaded automatically when the said package is mounted. The “module_init” and “module_deinit” functions will be called upon loading/unloading.

I also see there is file access from a work folder

File access

In order to access files from within an add-on, filenames can be prefixed in two ways:

  • ".\": to access the files from within the add-on package. This has a read-only access.
  • "\work": to access a persistent storage that the add-on can use. This is a read/write access.

I think the standalone WASM modules must mean modules that don’t also use JS. Got the idea from reading this:

Would love to have some confirmation though.


Wow, that makes sense considering that they mentioned the init/deinit functions.
I thought that ‘standalone’ meant not tied to a guage or even without having to be manually added to specific aircraft.

In the context of MSFS, standalone WASM does indeed mean modules, which are independently running from an aircraft. No need to load them via panel.cfg anymore. There is just no mentioning of that in the 0.7.1 SDK docs, yet, so I’m guessing it has not been included, even though it has already been mentioned in the dev update.


WASM is now included in the lastest dev toolkit