November 16th, 2023 Development Update Blog Discussion

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MSCENERY continues its relentless 8-12 releases per month. Captain Sim should be nearing completion of a livery for every single commercial aircraft to have ever flown in history, and Dreamscenery enhanced night scenery should do a sale for black Friday where all lighting packs are available as a set for $6500.

18 enhanced light packs. 18.

Will be interesting to see what the PC-12 update is from Carenado. And City Volume II promptly in the wait-for-sale wish list…


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I had a problem
Sim starts, but i get a notification for an “Essential Package Update” that improves experience, etc…
if i click install, sim restarts, goes through the initial set up screen, then i have a blank screen that never advances to anything (i left it running overnight)

2 more mscenery addons hashtag blessed. New Mk1A though! Love Flight Replicas addons. Not the most complex but the flight models have been awesome thus far.

A few weeks ago the “Marketplace Backlog” chart quietly changed with the removal of the “testing signed off by 3rd party” column… Why was this removed? Removing that seems to remove a layer of transparency…

I like there’s two new Florida airports, as I do a ton of flying there. But my expectations have become skewed, feeling 2024 on the way. Now I expect sales and airports like FlyTampa Vegas that comes with a city too, or DZ KDCA with a metro train, local city, and multiple regional airports and an AF base, or a completely re-done Rio De Janeiro that isn’t even in the description.

Please could we have an update on the situation with black screens and ctds. Can it be fixed? Every flight ends in black screens or crash. No third party scenery etc. Really appreciate knowing whats happening. Thanks!

Happy anniversary to helicopter pilots! :helicopter:

It was this week a year ago we got helicopter dynamics in the sim. Say what you will about them. I’ve had a blast over the last year.

I hope this year we get some improvements or even something new from the Microsoft/Asobo teams. Even a 407GX mod would be lovely code to implement so other helicopters could have glass cockpits. Although, I feel like this will be another lack luster year for helicopter development until the release of ‘24.

Either way happy to be hovering around!

“To fly is human, to hover is divine!”


Hello @Nicko5786,

There is information about stability on Xbox in the Active Development section in the blog. See the below image for details.



Thankyou! Ive done the surveys, and beta stuff. Thanks for reply.

The optimist would say that it means there is no longer a delay from 3rd party signing off the release and then it turning up in the Thursday batch. It makes no sense to have a delay here, so if previously there was one and MS have worked to improve this step to eliminate it then the column becomes irrelevant and we all benefit.

Wouldn’t mind an update for the “Expert Series” ATR … :unamused:


the Cessna 172 has a never exceed speed of 163 knots, a cruise speed of 122 knots, and a maneuvering speed of 90 knots (at 1900 lbs gross weight). We hope this adequately answers your question!

Well… no! You glossed over some very important details!

For starters, are we talking about African or European unladen Cessnas?

Thanks for the answer :wink:

P.S. Disclaimer: it wasn‘t me who asked the original question. I dig the humour though :wink:


I would be extremely happy to have a working KDFW airport. It’s been broken a long time. But since it’s not an airport in Europe I guess it won’t be fixed.

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Hi @bam12208834
Here’s the latest information from Jorg on DFW (from the 21 July ‘23 video. (Developer Video: July 21, 2023 Transcription )

“ Some of you have asked why did you not put Dallas there? Well, we would have liked to, but Dallas was just not ready. I hope it’s ready sometime later this year, maybe early next year. ”.

So hopefully either CU 05 tentatively planned 12/19, or WU 16 scheduled late January’24.


Is he talking about KDAL (Dallas) or KDFW (Dallas/Ft. Worth)? I am talking about KDFW. It’s all kinds of messed up. KDAL is fine.

That’s actually a good point. I inferred he was talking about KDFW since it has so many issues with both the airport and, for some folks, the surrounding communities. Now I’m hoping he’ll at least briefly address whether he’s talking the city, or DFW’s issues (or the city and including updating DFW) in the livestream next week. Dang, wish I’d picked up on that before they closed the thread for questions for next week. Maybe it made the cut if enough other folks brought it up.

Thank you for the reply and the information. They had KDFW fixed for a while but then broke it again. But it’s been broken for a long time now. I hope they fix it soon. Thanks again!

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