NOW RELEASED - Shorts Sd3-30 / Sd3-60 and Sherpa project from Blackbox

The custom-coded 400 is what took this from a short-list buy to a day-one buy. It’s not just that the GPS is unique but the fact that they took the time to think it through and do something differently makes it something I want to be a part of. Doesn’t hurt that the Trislander is one of my favorites since childhood.


Even better, so fully equipped then.


And not exactly something you would like to come across walking back from the pub in the early hours of the morning.

Joking apart though, it’s different and in an interesting way. And based on the dev’s. previous AC (I have the Trislander) I guess it will be pretty well optimised too. If it’s also of pretty high fidelity (I think it could be) then I am definitely interested.

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WHO’s Stupid idea was it to make all 450 Circuit breakers Live and operational ???




Looking good :+1:

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No much more to report at the moment. Lots going on behind the scenes, but a few shots from tonight…


“How much farther, Papa Smurf?”
To which Papa Smurf would reply, “Not far now”.

Again they’d ask, “How much farther, Papa?”
And again Papa would reply, “Not far now”.

This would go on and on, again and again.
When Papa Smurf’s patience had grown excessively thin and worn, like an old sock, another would yet again ask, “How much farther, Papa Smurf?”
Finally, Papa Smurf shouted,…The little Smurfs remained quiet for the rest of the journey.
Papa knew that they still wanted to ask him how much farther they had to go. LOL


Just wanted to ask, but, well…

And Papa Smurf says: “#!@%&*÷¿”

Hey it’s just the Italian laid back way of life! It’s part of the character of the aircraft, let it be :rofl:

They make some of the fastest cars in the world, but doesn’t mean that everything has to be done at a thousand miles per hour :slight_smile:

I am so much looking forward to it. And yes, of course I patiently wait.

To be fair, I thought I was in the SF 260 thread! Whoops :wink:


And said as one little smurf to another when Papa Smurf was no longer in sight :slightly_smiling_face:

To be fair, Malta isn’t a million miles away from Italy - literally. But yeah, I’m full of anticipation as well for this next BBS plane.

Excited for this! But with the Comanche to master and my DoubleEnder and Maule still having barely any time on their Hobbes meters, I’m cool with Blackbox taking their time! The only reason I want them to rush is I’ll be excited to see what’s coming after this one.

You’re going to make 17 forum posters, two ex Shorts mechanics, and one guy with an SD3-60 cockpit in his basement really happy!


No Italians on this Project Sir :slight_smile:

Mama Mia… I know, sorry :slight_smile:
See my next post. I thought I was in a different room.

I obviously need more espresso.

Ciao Bella! :heart:

I’m not buying this unless there’s a coffee cup in the cockpit with a Guinness logo by default! :rofl: :beer:

Slowly getting all the systems wired in …


That is looking sweet. I have the space already reserved in my hangar

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