Now that VATSIM is working, the immersion factor just went up by 10

Just flew into Chicago O’Hare on VATSIM after buying the new KORD scenery from the in-game store - I feel like i’m really there, the approach, the weather, the scenery. Best sim ever.


Weather you say? Did it match real weather

Yep, overcast 800ft.

I took a VATSIM flight too, super fun!! We just need livery model matching.


Newbie question- what mic system do you use? I’m thinking I could use my Sony wireless headphones that have a built in mic.

That’s probably the best option, I use a cheap wired headset but I’ll be switching to a usb headset

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I understand in this way they have own batteries for power.

I don’t recommend this, you can be in trouble in case of batteries OFF and then your choice can be only disconnect from Vatsim or hard work with type to keyboard :slight_smile: Use simple wired headset with own volume/Mic level handling.

Thank you for the advice.

Modelmatching on VATSIM is a real bummer. The comms are nice tho.