Now the Drone Camera Causes Aircraft Crash?

Anyone else getting an aircraft crash when you’re on the ground, parked at an airport, with the engines OFF, and using drone mode to fly around? All the time lately I get a crash message after the last update saying I damaged the aircraft’s gear flying in the Drone Mode!

I have to ask…
Parking brake on? Parked on a slope with a breeze blowing and no parking brake…

Do you have any key binds that are common between the drone and the aircraft?

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This is not related to the last patch which was a world update anyway. This is a very old bug which I’ve experienced myself a few times and that needs some attention, voted! :+1:

Incidentally in the linked thread @Raynen gives a plausible account of why gear could be damaged. Straying too far away from an aircraft could change the LoD’s for the tarrain and therefore affect the height causing the plane to crash, so don’t stray too far away from the aircraft.

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Yes. Parking brake on. Nope. On no slope. Real weather as always with REX Weatherforce.

I did find a temporary fix until Asobo permanently fixes it. When flying the drone, turn off crash detection. Problem solved that way as well. Thanks for the link though. :slight_smile:

I can confirm this. I use my drone quite a bit when on the ground, and I have never had a problem with it. Now though, I can start the simulator at a parked position, do nothing with the aircraft, and start flying around with my drone and soon enough I get a crash screen. To test, I start from KPWK, and start flying the drone towards KORD to the south. I crash about midway there. Never been a problem before. I did not notice this bug before SU5.

If it makes you all feel better its happened to me a few times as well at kpwk and we built the place. No idea whats causing it.

I noticed the controller vibrates in pulses if I move the drone far enough away from the aircraft. Switching back to the chase camera shows the terrain shifting as it loads back in, causing the aircraft to sort of jump up and down, hence the vibration. Later I was holding short of the runway and activated the drone camera, which I had left a far distance from the aircraft and got the “you crashed the plane” message. So it’s got to be due to the terrain shifting as it loads/de-loads. If the terrain shifts violently enough I guess the sim thinks you’ve crashed into it.


very bad bug! Really I don’t remember same crash as landing gear damage in history of use drone. I was at many places and used drone to see around aircraft, also big distance from it and didn’t experienced any problems. Now after few lets say kilometers from aircraft I have permamnently crash of my landing gear, simply damage. Very bad feeling, really what was happened? Whu this bug is in sim after some updates??? I don’t expect to set crash detection to false, this is absolutely useless, it’s drone and it can’t be damaged and also don’t understand why it makes crash of my airplane sitting on parking without engine on.

Important update: I want ask users who do now Beta testing with new Update of sim, pls check this and in same case pls report this bug because it need to be fixed.


just did another same test and??? Also set damage of aircraft to 0% solves nothing. I have another crash with some (looks like) not visible object in the air so again damage! Very bad!!! Really it looks to me that this sim goes to more problems after each Update, really I don’t know, what was working correctly is now broken. Are there any unvissible objects in the air??? I did quick test sitting my C172 at Lukla with engine off and go with drone to see Mt Everest vicinity. At probably near of Ama Dablam peak crash after crash! Not usable!

Update: it looks like with Crash detection ON (maybe with stress also) it (drone) feels like aircraft??? so damage is still there. Now I set both crash detections to OFF (in Realism options) and it works ok, no crashes but this was not same as before, hope I remember in previous Updates. I need set crash detection to OFF any time to use drone without crash??? Not good in my opinion.

Update2: on other side what is also new to me and is no good is grass on Mt Everest, everywhere, so I expect also some bug what was not tested. I don’t want to speculate, simply after while I started again sim to have some good time with it and…

Screenshot: North side of Everest covered with grass…

I had this twice today.

Parked up, switched to Showcase camera, panned around the airfield and when I then switched back to external view the plane bounced into the air and landed upside down…