Nvidia 461.09 drivers

So Nvidia just released 461.09 today! (Today being 7 JAN 2021)

Has anybody tried them enough to have an opinion? I intentionally downgraded to 452.06 simply because it was the first (and last to my knowledge) that mentioned FS2020 enhancements in the release notes, and while I can’t discount the placebo effect, it seems they are performing at least marginally better than what I had, which was probably the one immediately prior to today’s release.

Also, in general, does anyone have any advice on what drivers may be even better than my 452.06 version? If it matters, the most important thing for me is VR performance, and I’m willing to try anything, especially if someone actually went to the effort of testing things, as opposed to doing what I did, which was to pick one almost randomly.

I suppose I’ll probably have to start a different post on that issue specifically to get much feedback, but I figured since I was going there anywhere, I’d just go there in general.

Ideas? Thoughts?


I did a clean install with them to try to fix a stutter. I see no difference, good or bad. I was on 457.30.

I could be wrong but surely any updates for games are carried trough to future drivers.

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@DORRAGER, I would think you are correct. But, that doesn’t mean newer is better. For example, I have a 2070 Super, and do not own or use Cyberpunk 2077, so newer drivers that add support for a 3080 or enhancements for CP, but do NOT affect FS support do absolutely nothing for me.

Sure, I’ll probably eventually buy that game, and I’m thinking 12-18 months from now when a 3080 Super exists somewhere besides my imagination, and is generally available at MSRP, I might replace my GPU. Doing either of those would require updated drivers to support those new things, but until then, unless they come out with FS enhancements, I’m not sure what newer drivers may do for me.

Now, if they come out with something that specifically has newer/better FS2020 support, that’s a different story. Ditto if someone has actually tested different driver versions, and found a specific driver to be noticeably better.

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I have tried a clean install with 461.09, been flying exclusively in VR for the last couple of hours in different planes, weather and locations and have decided to roll back to the old drivers from last August due to stutters and the overall better smoothness of the older drivers.

Which older driver version did you go back to? Presumably one of these:


Nvidia 457.30 and steamVR beta 1.14

Ah, those are the ones from November.


I’m currently running with last December’s, and they seem to work okay for me.

oh yeah sorry… I think 452.06 are good as well, but 457.30 are the last before they introduced some bugs that impact VR smoothness in a number of games. 457.30 work well in Xplane and P3D version 5 as well.

@hobanagerik, I went with the “game ready” version.

@YouGoSon, did you test the 457 vs 452 and find it to be better, or was it kind of an arbitrary choice that you decided was “good enough”?

Also, I think I’m using the beta 1.14 SteamVR driver, but I don’t know how that applies to FS because whenever I try to get to VR through Steam with FS, it just activates WMR for me.

[quote=“hobanagerik, post:8, topic:348068”]image

@hobanagerik, where are you getting these images from? Thanks!

You can get them from the older interface. As is so often the case, older is usually better! :wink:


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Hello mate. I experimented extensively with different driver sets in multiple VR titles, not just FS and i find 452.06 work best for me. RTX 2700 here. Good luck

We’ve noticed the dreaded Micro Stutter’s with many of the latest Driver’s. There are definitely less problems with the the initial MFS 2020 ‘Friendly’ one’s but the latest 20 series seem to feature a Stutter issue. We’ve reverted to 457.51 and this seem’s the best of the Bunch for Stutter Free Flying.

Hope this Help’s.

Yep 452.06 for me as well, 457.30 might be good but it appears Netflix is blocked in Chrome when using a VR headset (VirtualDesktop or BigScreen) in that version. I do hope this DRM issue is resolved, I can’t see how anybody can copy a film using a VR headset!

On my machine 457.30 driver was the best.

But I am afraid that we have to put our technological deliberations aside for now and focus on security.

Security Bulletin: NVIDIA GPU Display Driver - January 2021

NVIDIA has released a software security update for NVIDIA® GPU Display Driver. This update addresses issues that may lead to denial of service, escalation of privileges, data tampering, or information disclosure.

Download and install version 461.09 ASAP.

@KevyKevTPA, I just tested the game ready 452.06 and I would say that the smoothness is the same as I am getting with the 457.30 drivers. Having said that, both drivers work best with the older steam VR beta (linux_v1. in the steam vr beta dropdown list). If I use the latest Steam VR 1.15 beta and 452.06 I see significantly more stutters when looking to the sides and when the aircraft rolls during flight.

I am using a VIVE Pro HMD, so the sim just starts Steam VR, the VIVE doesn’t work with WMR as far as I know.

Details here.

Of the six vulnerabilities for GPU’s, not vGPU’s, five are Windows related, and every driver prior to 461.09 are affected.

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I don’t care. I’ll take my chances. The 461.09 driver has hosed my system. I’ve had more problems in the last two days than I’ve had in the previous two months combined.

I don’t know what most of that even means, but it does seem like upgrading to 461 might be a good idea from a security perspective. I just don’t want it to hose my VR performance. I’ve worked long and hard tweaking this, changing that, adding and removing software, and playing with settings to get to the point that it’s pretty dam good, even if it could be better. I’m getting a reported 28-34 fps average (from what MSI Afterburner reports to me anyway), and that’s surprisingly quite good under my “Matrix Hood” (as my wife calls it), so I don’t want to mess it up!