Nvidia DLSS and performance optimization

Dear Asobo Studio,

MFS is an amazing game and absolutely gorgeous. However, it hurts when even the best pc system in the world is struggling to run the game at a decent frame rate at max/ultra settings, especially at resolutions above 1080p (e.g. 1440p, ultrawide to 4k), where the beauty and intricate details of the graphic really shine. But with frame rate between 20 - 40 fps, the game is no longer enjoyable and lacks that silky smooth gameplay experience that I’m sure all MFS pilots all around the world will come to appreciate should they have the chance to see it. So, please optimize the game’s performance and/or at least implement Nvidia DLSS to give us that performance boost that everyone is craving for. Thank you!


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Please, participate in the only place your voice might count:

Nvidia DLSS support - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
Live Dev Q&A: Guided Question - #86 by Akkulader

Here is one of my latest comment about DLSS and FS2020 going DX12U (therefore with the capability to use DirectML) if ever this matters:

As CptLucky8 pointed out, there is a Wishlist topic you might want to vote on. In order to keep the conversation in one place, I moved this topic there. Here’s your post:

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