NVIDIA DLSS - Quality does wonders in VR

Without any Toolkit mods with the HP Reverb G2, the new DLSS setting really improves framerates. For those that don’t want to tweak like the old FSX days changing this one setting once you get VR setup seems to be al that’s needed. The only issue now is the gauge clarity and pixelation as a whole when looking at the ground in the distance while flying.

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I found DLSS with Quality setting was more blurry than TAA set at 100, so i’m using the latter.


I also noticed this in VR when DLSS was first released. The image was ‘soft’, and instruments seemd to lag and smear. However, in my G1 it seems to have improved.

Upon first trials I also went from TAA +OXR toolkit to DLSS quality and no toolkit. Image quality for me is the same and I get almost double fps.
G2 also, card 3060Ti.
But I still suffer from stutters in the ground, despite having decreased TLOD to 100-150, so further optimization is still needed.

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The only thing I noticed was blurry instrument panel text. :frowning:

If there was a performance gain, it wasn’t enough to notice at any of the DLSS settings.

You must have already had your VR tuned with the ToolKit. I didn’t feel like tweaking again after I had to do a reinstall of FS so that may be why I’m seeing the improvement.

I agree with you on the blurry instrument panel… The DLSS setting isn’t even worth the bother if you can’t read the panel.

I did read in another post (DLSS option not showing up) that there are DLSS issues with glass panels. I’m seeing the blurriness in the Longitude, not sure what you’re flying.

Maybe off topic(?), but if DLSS is engaged, does that mean DX12 is functional? Do you have to select or enable DX12 somewhere?

To echo others, DLSS makes my instruments too blurry, so I’m sticking with TAA. If one day DLSS allows such framerates that I can turn my resolution high enough to compensate, then I might use it.

For now I’ll enjoy the improvement in fluidity with SU10, regardless of resolution.

For the G2 at least, you can improve the clarity of screens in VR with DLSS by running a slightly higher (eg. +20%) WMR render resolution than you normally would for TAA. The trade off is that you will lose some of the performance gains that DLSS originally gave you.

Regarding the blurriness, I just saw and tried this post. It works to clear up the panel: NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 517.48 Discussion - #149 by GKJ2199

A confusing thread. Can you please summarize what change you made to clear up DLSS.


Under GENERAL OPTIONS, on the Graphics tab, increase the AMD FIDELITYFX SHARPENING slider to 200. You might also have to tinker with the NVIDIA DLSS setting. Right now, I have mine set at QUALITY.