Nvidia DLSS Super Res Settings Pico4

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Can anyone help, the best settings in VR. Pico 4 VR, RTX3090, Intel i9-11900K, 32GB Ram, 2TB Gen4 NVMe M.2 SSD, 1 gig VM Broadband, et. I uploaded a screenshot of VR settings. I can sacrifice some framerate, as it is quite high. Need a a bit more sharpness on scenery. All updates and Virtual Desktop Only (No Steam VR) Thanks

I have a 4090 and VP2, but in general the Terrain Level of Detail costs a lot of performance. try setting it to 100. and go higher in resolution on your headset in case this you set to low. There are Youtube Videos by “VR flight sim guy” and “simhanger”, the latter deeper in analysing that help you with msfs settings. Have also a look on the NVidia settings (geforce experience app)

Thanks. The Terrain LOD is already over 100 at 180? I had the Nvidia DLSS SR at Performance and changed to Quality. Reprojection Mode No idea, at DEPTH? I have no idea what all these settings mean? What is VP2? In Nvidia Experience settings, Image Scaling was OFF, it is now ON and set to 100%.

That one does nothing with Virtual Desktop, leave it off.

Vive Pro 2 headset.

That one does nothing in VR.

If you want more cripsness, you should use OXR toolkit also

  • forfeated rendering with quality mode
  • resolution override for 3400x3400 (this is littlebit over the default resolution of pico). GIves more sharpness.

Thanks for reply. Not sure if I could use OXR Toolkit with the Pico. I did use it with my Quest 2, now sold. I will certainly try your suggestion. Thanks again.

Yes you can use Oxr Toolkit wih Pico4. And with latest Virtual Dektop update, you dont need SteamVR anymore, just make runtime VDOXR.