Nvidia Driver disappointed

Hello all! So I’m very disappointed with myself for updating the Nvidia Drivers to the current one that recently got released. The sim has a lot of stutters and it just doesn’t seem to play good as it used to.
Can anyone help me te revert it back to the older driver? I’m using GeForce Experience. Thank you all.


Search in here, and the results will include older versions

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I got those too…something that worked for me was. I let nvidia optimize the sim itself, and started the sim through their geforce window. All was good. Then started to tweak adjustments from in the sim. It helped.

I tried 461.72 and noticed more stutters as well.
I come back to 461.09.
Don’t use nvidia experience.


The general consensus is that the best drivers for FS2020 are 457.30. Chances are that unless/until you see a driver that is specifically targeting FS2020, or (for VR users anyway) even better, targets FS2020 VR, it’s likely that the 457.30 is going to be the best. Newer does not always translate to better, especially for very specific use case scenarios.

As for GFE, I never have liked the way it hijacks my settings, that in some cases were the result of many hours of trial and error followed by extensive testing. Sure, it may (but only may) be better than what’s out of the box, but I’m not sure I’d trust it even for that. The only thing it’s good for to me is the ability to easily take screenshots and videos, and since that doesn’t even work in VR, it’s really of no use to me whatsoever, unless maybe if I’m doing some specific 2D flights with the primary goal of taking pics or vids.


Absolutely agree

Definitely absolutely agree!



So use settings within the sim then?..

That 461.09 seems to be the beat of the bunch. We lost 10 frames using the latest Driver.

Flying the Gina at Florence we noticed the Drop in FPS from 60+ fps to 47 fps.

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Could just try re-installing the driver again with a fresh install, sometimes it sorts it out. The sim has performed pretty much the same since the first driver that mentioned MSFS in the notes for me.


thanks for the help

So I spent a considerable amount of time last night and today testing this out to see if older versions of drivers would make a difference.

I rolled back to 457.30 and worked my way through all 8 versions to the current 461.72. For each flight, I spawned at a familiar spot (KSAN) that gives me consistent, reproducible performance numbers. For each test, I took off, did a lap around the circuit, then landed.

Perhaps for those of you running 3000 series cards this may make a difference, but I recorded absolutely zero difference from version to version on my RTX 2080 with any of these drivers. My fps hovers within it’s normal range ±3 fps with all 8 versions of the drivers.

What cost me roughly 10 fps was the last update, not the nVidia driver. Prior to the update (World Update 3), I was running at 35-43 fps at most locations. Now I sit in the 25-35 range. At KSAN in particular, I would be running about 40 fps sitting on the apron prior to the update. After the WU3, I’m running 30 sitting on the apron at my normal spawn point. No change of driver made any difference whatsoever. I get the same consistent results within margin of error every time.


That’s a little different to my experience, the last three drivers my card was using 10.5GB of Vram, I’m now using (which I revert back to after testing new drivers because it has the security update intact) 460.89 it’s using 8.5GB of Vram. No difference in settings or smoothness of the sim, all flights were from the same saved flight. For me my card GTX1080ti the latest drivers are using 2GB more Vram for no apparent or visual reason even using more Vram on the menu pages so on my card I class them as ‘leaky’. But running at 10.5GB is taking any headroom away if I need it in the sim or other running programs that is using the card at the same time which could then cause stutters later. Mileage on users cards and selected drivers will differ, even system builds will show different results initially.

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I am currently using 471.11 without any issues with an Evga GTX 1080 ti SC.

That’s the driver I use for the GTX1080ti also, it could be the sweet driver for this series of card, all updated drivers after this for me have been poor, even increasing fan speeds when not required.

Users with 3000 series cards may see differences from driver to driver. That’s the current gen GPUs that the drivers are constantly being tweaked for.

For those of us with 2000 series and older, I doubt any of the code changes in the drivers actually has any effect on our GPUs. At least in my testing, I found no evidence to point to any changes or performance differences.


I’ll give it a try

Let us know if you have any joy with it :slight_smile:

I think it’s important to remember that newer drivers are for newer cards…Nvidia references some game titles with each rollout, but probably only WRT them being used on newer equipment. You wouldn’t expect them to continue writing code for 10 year old cards but you would expect them to write brand new code for their brand spanky new cards. I think it would be wise to keep an older driver for an older card. Bearing in mind that 6 months old is OLD. Older chipsets are likely to be impaired by code written for the latest cutting edge ones

Thanks for taking the time to do this. This could well explain our ‘missing’ 10 Frames.