Nvidia driver in Dec 2020 trigger CTD in long hauls

My experience with GTX970 driver since Dec releases -

  • huge FPS minus (-10 to 20) crossing METAR zones
  • long hauls in both 787 / 747 after 20mins, random CTD
  • with sim rate x2 or x4 that will easier to reproduce CTD
  • CTD happened less in [clear skies], but still there.
  • 8 / 9 CTD in this week in 30+ hr flights.

Rolled back to nvidia driver 457.30 in Nov -

  • no CTD again in airliners
  • 40+ hr flights tested in live weather.
  • graphic setting = mid - high

Microsoft please talk to nvidia for the issue?
Or please update me if latest RTX cards got opposite result?

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I installed the newest Version 2 days ago and flown 2 1/2 hrs in the TBM today without a CTD.
But I guess I noticed the FPS drop during my descent through a few layers of cloud. I took the outside view and during turning around the aircraft it was stuttering much more than i expected. (Have a 2060s only and playing in High with some ultra sidekicks)

I had updated my Nvidia drives in Dec – and then started to get CTD after a few hours of flying.

After seeing your post, went back to 457.30 and not a CTD since. left sim running all night, flying, and it was still running fine, at same FPS after 8 hours …

THANK YOU :slight_smile:

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