Nvidia Filters lost after driver upgrade

Had no response from Nvidia so hopefully someone here may be able to help.
I use Nvidia Geforce filters in my MSFS - colourfulness, colour
Etc etc.
But they disappear after graphics card update and need setting up again.
Cant find where they are stored to back them up ( Ansel folder is not it).
Does anyone know if they are stored in a MSFS file or anywhere else?
Thankyou for your assistance

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Thanks very much.Ill check to see if mine are in this folder. However Nvidia responded yesterday and basically
I have created a ‘custom’ folder under the Ansel folder and transferred all the filter files into it.
I assume this will stop future driver updates erasing my settings - will have to wait and see if it works.

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Interesting, I may reach out to them myself - thanks

This was their reply - see link.
Thank you for your patience

  • Check the driver type in your PC

Right click on the desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel form there.

At bottom left corner, click on ‘System Information’

Below the driver version → you will find driver type

Looking forward for your reply to assist you further.

Mine said DCH, so I’ll try that at some point . Thanks again

Mine was.
If you contact them they want you to send them your graphics card system info file - they insist on this and send instructions what to do/send

Not sure what the nvidia custom camera config file is for - dont use this

That will always happen, unfortunately. You should report this at NVIDIA, not MSFS related at all tbh. You would have to write down all the values or make a screenshot to save it.

Thanks very much.Yes Ive done that now.
Must be a pain if a lot of games are played.
Anyway the custom folder may solve this now hopefully