NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 537.13 Discussion

Please use this thread to discuss the NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver version 537.13.


Game Ready for Starfield

This new Game Ready Driver provides the best gaming experience for the latest new games including Starfield and the ICARUS: New Frontiers expansion.

Fixed Issues

Fixed Gaming Bugs

  • [Battlefield 2042] Game stability can decrease when applying GeForce Experience Freestyle filters [4170804]
  • [Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart] Performance fluctuations due to issues between DirectStorage and NVIDIA Reflex [4212649]

Fixed General Bugs

  • [Vegas Pro FX] Preview not working on some notebook configurations [3752618]

Known Issues

  • [Halo Infinite] Significant performance drop is observed on Maxwell-based GPUs. [4052711]
  • [DaVinci Resolve] This driver implements a fix for creative application stability issues seen during heavy memory usage. We’ve observed some situations where this fix has resulted in performance degradation when running DaVinci Resolve. This will be addressed in an upcoming driver release. [4172676]
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Anybody? I’m not going first!


I haven’t moved for a long time.
I didn’t like any of the latter.
528.49 for me without a doubt the most stable.
I recommend 100%

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Nope, not me this time:-) The last driver fixed the Filters+FrameGen crashes so I am not budging:-) It took them long enough to fix it


And here is the CLEANED Nvidia version from Guru3D…



Anybody? I’m not going first! Haha!

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ha ha ha
who enters first…
Come in first, I’m afraid it’s too dark! ha ha ha

Not a chance!

When the sim delisted my beloved 531.29 I very relunctantly updated to 536.67, which thankfully has been working great. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ !!!

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I have installed the cleaned version, will fire-up the simulator later…

Occasional micro stutter and good performance. No need for me to uninstall.


I think if you are on win11 with a 40xx card 545.37 is out and works well.


Nvidia Desktop Driver

Nvidia Notebook Driver

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You are confusing Windows Insider driver (545.37) with official nVidia driver (537.13)

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All good here. Win 11. 4090.

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Same as before. Drivers are fine. However MSFS still keeps crashing, reporting 100% virtual memory usage upon crash with ridiculously high values of 55 Gb used on a 64 Gb physical RAM system. MSFS exe needs to be patched. This is useless now.


You been messing with your virtual memory settings? With 64gig of ram your virtual memory shouldnt even be being touched.


It´s disabled completely since more than 1 year ago. But I still monitor system due to the frequent crashes after AAU2 and upon crash it´s always maxed out to 100%, even if it´s disabled. AAU2 has a clear memory allocation bug.


All fine with the driver.
But installed Nvidia experience new and it doesn’t recognise FS anymore

Not sure what is going on with your system but I only have half of your memory and am not getting that.

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All fine with the new driver . Into Beta

This is not meaning that bug is not there. SU12 had no issues but after AAU2 came all problems started to reproduce. There have been like 4 or 5 official driver updates and 2 mayor windows 11 updates as well if I´m not wrong and memory problems are still there. It´s clear that it´s MSFS, not the drivers nor people´s systems. SU13 beta brings fixes to crashes according to latest release notes, so that confirms what the reason is.


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