NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 537.34 Discussion

Please use this thread to discuss the NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver version 537.34.

Game Ready for Mortal Kombat 1

This new Game Ready Driver provides the best gaming experience for the latest new games supporting DLSS 2 technology including Mortal Kombat 1 and Lies of P.

Support For Newly Validated G-SYNC Compatible Displays

Our newest Game Ready Driver adds support for 6 new G-SYNC Compatible displays that deliver a baseline Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) experience that makes your gaming smoother and more enjoyable.

Manufacturer Model HDR Size Panel Type Resolution VRR Range
AOC U27G3X Yes 27 IPS 3840x2160 (4K) 48-160Hz
AOC AG275QA1 Yes 27 IPS 2560x1440 (QHD) 60-170Hz
I-O DATA GDQ271JA Yes 27 IPS 2560x1440 (QHD) 59-180Hz
LG 27GR93U Yes 27 IPS 3840x2160 (4K) 48-144Hz
LG 27GR750Q Yes 27 IPS 2560x1440 (QHD) 48-165Hz
LG 38WR850C-W Yes 38 IPS 3840x1600 (WQHD+) 60-170Hz

New Games Supported By GeForce Experience’s Optimal Settings

GeForce Experience’s one-click optimal settings enable you to instantly configure game options for your system’s hardware, giving you smooth, optimized gameplay. Over 1000 titles are supported, and since our last driver release we’ve added support for 5 more:

  • Immortals of Aveum
  • Starfield
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • Wayfinder

Fixed Gaming Bugs

  • [Starfield] Profile updated for Microsoft Store/Xbox Game Pass version [4266797]
  • [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] black screen when using the GeForce Experience In-Game Overlay [4257572]

Well i guess, this update will once again wipe all freestyle filters?

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Yeah, depending on how you do the install, it will remove them. But I read somewhere on this forum that you can copy the contents of the AppData\Local\Temp\NvCamera folder, and then restore it after the install, and your filters will be restored. I haven’t tried that yet because I switched to Reshade, but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

Yeah, tried that.
It is not working.

Had to reset all my settings
Luckily I made screenshots of my settings.

Just so beyond me that Nvidia hasnt solved that issue in more than 2 years now.

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Excellent release for DX12 I would say. Steady graph over Belfast and Manchester with no aparent signs of systematic peaks while flying close to ground and steady as well under heavy load at London City ground with cloudy weather and 200 AIs. The expected main thread limitation is still there anyway so that as well as that area scenery density kill fps results.



AMD is looking real nice for the next upgrade. MSFS is all about DLSS and for what?

Not sure if it’s related to the driver update, but I do have quite a lot of stutters going on in cockpit when moving around, panning etc. (also with live weather and multiplayer off). I have not tried turning off photogrammetry yet, but it was not needed before either…

It’s hard to tell what the lowered performance is caused of… It feels so random from every time I start up the sim (agree if you recognize this).

CTD with new drivers and DX12


@AirPorkOne yes I concur, something is causing stuttering while panning and it seems like main thread is accountable on my system.

Strange though that my main thread readings are in the 20’s yet no cores are near maximum load, the highest being around 75% usage while running msfs.

I hadn’t attributed the latest NVidia driver to that fact but it is possible, I won’t be able to test until tomorrow (UK time) .

I’m more concerned it’s something that Microsoft has done in a recent update to windows 11, again.

Im back to the earlier driver, and I also got back to DX11. Seem to work OK for me.

But I sure DO have problems that comes and goes: The fans on my GPU is telling me the GPU is not running as it should. When the fans are revving more, everything is OK and the game is VERY fluid. So…not sure it theres something with drivers or else… RTX 3060 Ti

Here is the cleaned version of the driver 537.34


All seems to be working very well with my QPro/i913900k/rtx4090 using Link and Air Link (ptc v57). Win11, dx11, HAGS disabled, game mode off, and DDU in safe mode to uninstall previous driver. Cockpit clarity seems a tiny bit better but of course this could just be a placebo effect, lol!

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4090 dx11 and HAGS disabled :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: nice waste of money

No, for PCVR this is best right now imho. If you have a different opinion I respect that.


Agree. Also, HAGS in Pimax VR is hit or miss and DX12 is also a waste of time in my experience. A shame some can’t respect the choices of others. This is a good driver for 4090 & VR


After 537.34 update, my Oculus Quest 2 Quest Link is no more working !
Unable to connect Headset to PC via Quest Link
Alone ?

I doubt that it’s the nvidia driver causing this. Still a good idea to use DDU in safe mode to uninstall drivers beforehand, or if you have any issues. Google how to do this,

There currently is a known problem with the Quest v57 update. There should be a fix soon. Workaround is to enroll into the Quest PTC program (I’ve been on PTC since v51, no problems, and both Link and Air Link are working well for me) or get a developer account and enable usb debugging. You any also find using Air Link works in the meantime. Again, hopefully a fix will be out soon mate, Cheers.

Thank’s for reply
Googling “Quest link no connexion after nvidia driver update” indicates that’s may be a problem
Any way, Air Link is OK but only 5 Gb vs Quest Link 10 Gb
Waiting for a Quest Update and/or a new NVidia driver update
I don’t use DDU but always select “New installation”

Maybe a bit off topic but those Gb #'s don’t mean anything for Link or Air Link. With Link you may use a usb3 cable that’s rated for 5-10Gbps but when you do the oculus desktop app usb speed test you’ll probably only get about 2.5Gbps +/- 0.2Gbps. Then when you contect to Link you’ll probably only see about 500mbps. With Air Link you’ll generally only see about 150-200mbps.

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When starting Oculus today I got “Oculus pilote to update” then download started automatically, Oculus app reboot and after that: Quest Link was back ! Yes !

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