Nvidia geforce question

I would like the bright scenery by clear weather a little more darker.
I have heard about reshading but that is more or less for the steamversion .
so a suggestion was nvidia geforce , do you know where i can find in the filter the best option to do so?
thnks in advanced

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You’re probably talking about Ansel in the Geforce Experience. I don’t use it but lot of people do. Go to Nvidia and get it al it there.

Make sure you have Geforce Experience installed as its required for using Shadowplay and its features

Then click the gear icon on the upper right corner in GFE and go to where it says “In-Game Overlay” and make sure its turned on.

Then you can use the default hotkey to bring up the main overlay, ALT+Z and access all of your shadowplay features.

You’re looking for “Game Filter” which its default hotkey is ALT+F3 and it will bring up the adjustable filter menu and, if available, Ansel which is probably the most powerful screenshot tool in gaming today;
You can quite literally render an entire game, like Witcher 3, as a singular manipulatable screenshot with incredible detail. IMO its actually quite fun to play around with.

I hope that gets you going

To render it darker was the first idea of course when you/we/I notice this very bright images, eye hurting especially in VR.

But that not right approach. The real world sky is very bright too and I think that the model is right.

What we are missing is the most essential tool of every real world pilot: sunglasses.

Try just adjusting gamma range in nvidia control panel under colour settings.

Latest drivers look cartoony bright for me, had to turn down digital vibrance by 10%

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