Nvidia GeForse Experience Directory

After reinstalling the sim due to CTD issues the sim seems to be working well now. The issue I need help with is that after installing the sim’s initial 1.16GB on my C: drive I went into Win 10 Apps & Features and “moved” the install to my D: drive SSD. Even though I moved the install to D: the GeForce Experience app still shows the C: directory location for the sim. So now there are two ways to launch the sim 1. Through the X-Box app (I have a feeling thru this way is not involving the GeForce Experience) or 2. Through the GeForce Experience app
When I’m in the GeForce Experience app I try to scan the D: drive for the newly installed sim but it still only shows 1 game found (the C: drive).
How do I point the GeForce app to recognize the new location and get it to stop seeing the C: drive? I want to make sure I’m using it’s garphics setup for the sim.
(On a side note: Now the FBW A32nx mod is not showing in the sim after install. It shows thru the installer that it is installed but after I launch the sim it’s still just the vanilla A320).

FS2020 is always installed on the C:\ drive (or the Win 10 boot drive)

When the download occurs, the initial 1.16 GB is installed on the boot drive
(usually C:).

It then asks your where you want to install FS2020. It will then download
the additional 109Gb to the drive you select. If you don’t select a location,
It will install it on the boot drive.

I have never stopped the install program after the 1.16 GB download.

But if you did, you “moved” the original additional 109 GB from C:\ to D:\ and not the additional 109 Gb with the new reinstall.
If the reason for the reinstall was within the additional 109 GB,
you did not replace or reinstall it.

It does and does so correctly. It will never not be pointed to the C:\ drive
(the boot drive where Win10 resides).

You cannot ever.
There is not a new location.
You never moved it from the boot drive.
You moved the additional 109 GB. (Note: Actual size increases with each upgrade.)

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