Nvidia Hotfix driver 461.33 - Steam VR stuttering fix is out

The Nvidia hotfix driver to fix VR stuttering is out

Quote " [Steam VR game]: Stuttering and lagging occur upon launching a game (Without using any Hardware monitoring tool). [3152190] "


Lets get testing simmers :slight_smile:


Cross posting can make things confusing. It is already discussed here and initial feedback is not good:

PSA: NVidia has found the root cause of stuttering and VR performance in their drivers!

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All of my problems went away when I started using fs2020 on microsoft store instead of steam. Stream caused more issues than I would have liked. Now running 452.06 and rarely stutter and fluid fps in the longitude also.

Interesting, my experience was the exact opposite. Changed from the MS Store version to the Steam version and it’s been super smooth sailing ever since.

Very strange lol

Hi RayK1t.

I am also wondering if I should “rebuy” MSFS on Windows Store … but I am not 100% sure this would improve global VR performances. Maybe you can help me to reach this 100%.

Did you switch from SteamXR to OpenXR into your Windows key registry?

If yes, then MSFS via Windows Store is probably better for VR
If no, then you should first apply this update and check again in Steam if it makes a real diference.


Do you think maybe if a lot of us re-purchase FS2020 this will be enough to hire another developper working on VR and improving performance? :joy:

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Ha ha ha, yeah maybe

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