Nvidia Image Scaling

I’m trying to get this to work but not sure what I’m doing wrong. I turned it on in the NCP and when I start the sim the NIS appears in the upper left corner in blue indicating sharpening (but not scaling) as it’s supposed to. However when I set the in game resolution to something lower than my native 1920x1080 the NIS is supposed to turn green indicating that it is upscaling back up to 1080p but instead the NIS is just disappearing completely from the screen instead of turning green. I have an RTX 2060. What am I doing wrong?

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Same exact issue, also have a rtx2060

I have an ultrawide monitor but others have gotten it to work. I must say though, running at my native resolution with ingame scaling at 90% isnt too bad

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Read down the thread…



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Read where?

I have done exactly what is in the post and NIS symbol is still blue and scaling doesnt work. I have Getforce experience and all that. It works in other games, just not in MSFS


Have you enabled NIS under the NVCP ‘Global Options’ ?



As mentioned, it works in other games. It is on in NVCP and in getforce experience

Hi ProneManager,

OK, have you looked at the ‘Change Resolution’ page under NVCP. Once enabled under global options, you need to select a monitor resolution that best suits your monitor. New display resolutions appear there once NIS is enabled. I believe it can also be enabled through G-Force experience however, you need to download ‘enable experimental features’ for G-Force experience to see that option. I do not use GFE and I am writing this from memory.

I don’t bother with NIS. I think the interest in it ran out quickly. I personally don’t think it’s worth experimenting with on my set-up.



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