Nvidia 'Optimize"?

Am I right in assuming one should NOT use the Nvidia Optimize option for MSFS? I have not so far.

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Absolutely right!


You are correct.

I never use it in any game.

But why ??

Because it does everything but optimize. I never leave GFE control any settings of any game.

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Nvidia optimize is basically based on fps and geared towards first person shooters.
So it will actually make your graphics worse for msfs.

And unless you really really want the automatic drivers check/install, unistall it.

While we’re talking about this, also ignore the fps rating “opinion” about performance in Nvidia & AMD software, which is again based on fps

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No need, I run everything I have on full blast. With MSFS the only thing not maxed out is render scale. I keep it at 100% (use a 1440p monitor). As above, it’s not really that good. It’s suggested settings to me before that I find bizarre.

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I’ve made that mistake several times…and updating their drivers worsened the look and feel even more…
Come on mister/missis Nvidia: redesign the optimisation algorithm please… or stop offering it. It simply makes no sense.

As has already been said, don’t use the geforce experience to optimise MSFS.
Just turn the auto optimisation off.

What is useful and worth keeping Geforce experience for is the excellent freestyle filters which you can use to greatly enhance the visual quality of the sim.

I’ve mentioned this in many posts on this forum in the past and I see a new one has been created in the past few days.

So don’t disregard GE altogether it has some very useful features.


Thanks all. Good info.

Don’t use it! I recently completely turned off GFE too. The sim is noticeably smoother.

I have GeForce Experience installed but for ShadowPlay only.

I am not sure why “do not use” is recommended without stating the specific reasons why the NVIDIA optimizer shouldn’t be used. I guess the biggest reason not to use the optimizer is because someone said so here in this forum, in a blog post somewhere, or in a YouTube video. I doubt the recommendation came from NVIDIA.

What does “optimize” mean? It can mean many different things. Some prefer to optimize performance getting the maximum FPS from their hardware. Others might optimize for incredibly detailed life-like graphics. Some want the best FPS with the best graphics. Which definition does NVIDA use? What is the best optimization for you?

There is a way to determine what works best for you. First make a simple test flight of about 15 minutes. I often use one of the Discovery flights for testing. Second, write down in a notebook all the current NVIDIA and MSFS settings as backup to return to your current settings if needed. Third, make sure you are using recent versions of GeoForce Experience and GPU driver.

Stop MSFS. Start GeoForce Experience. Go to HOME and select MSFS if there are multiple entries here.

The bottom half of the screen shows the Settings, the Current values, the Optimal values. The Optimal values will be used ONLY if you select “OPTIMIZE”. Press the “wrench” icon to display the USER CUSTOM SETTINGS box. Set your desired resolution. If you change the resolution, the OPTIMAL slider will move and the update “Optimal” settings are changed below. Notice the OPTIMAL slider moving between PERFORMANCE and QUALITY. There are multiple tick marks on the slider bar. Move the slider to Better Quality or Better Performance or to the middle for both. Select “APPLY”. The box next to the wrench changes to “REVERT”. Start MSFS to test the new settings. If these new settings don’t work very well, exit MSFS and return to GeoForce Experience. Select REVERT and the previous settings are restored. At this point, either exit GeoForce Experience with your current settings or select the “wrench” icon to try a diffent setting. Remember to “REVERT” to the previous setting if needed. Exit GeoForce Experience when you are satisfied. There are 14 tick marks but you don’t have to test all of them. You might notice that “Better Performance” sets everything to “Low” and Better Quality sets everything to “Ultra”.

Very informative. Thanks.

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I would think the reason that recommendation to not to use it, is because it can interfere with the game settings and can cause in that way issues. I use sometime the optimze-page to check whether I can do some additional settings which I can not set within the game itself… But also then I not use “optimize”, I do these setting manually in profile.

I’ll give you one:

It has been demonstrated again and again that stuttering is much more detrimental to the visual experience in MSFS than modest frame rates, and that stuttering can only be reduced or eliminated by making sure that main thread latency remains lower than GPU latency. The sweet spot is where you’re almost always GPU-limited, but not more than you need to be.

I haven’t tried the nVidia optimizer since launch, but I seriously doubt that it is capable of finding that sweet spot.

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Here’s a reason not to use it. It suggested I switch most settings to medium to be ‘optimised’. I beg to differ as the sim runs fine with most on high/ultra.
Ignore NVidia optimiser as it does not appear to be tuned into what makes FS tick IMO. I tend to think that FS could do with an official optimiser from MS though. Until then best to learn the optimisation yourself as much hastle as that can be at times.

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