Nvidia RTX 3090 vs 2080 Ti vs 1070 Ti High and Ultra Settings

Have used and compared all three cards with findings here if you are interested. Follow up video including optimal settings coming soon.


It’s very helpful, I’m about to get a system with a 3090, and have seen a lot of posts about how a 3090 won’t be of much or any benefit. Many appear to be from those not using 4K. Your test results make sense given the cpu/gpu interplay variations with different resolutions.
I also appreciate your other videos.


I’m one of them. Just bought a 4K monitor on Amazon should be getting it on Friday. We’ll see how that results.

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That’s where the 3090 shines! but the question how many people are using 4k? Majority are still on 1080p.Honestly once the 3090s are back in stock when ever that is I might switch to 4k.Will probably a be good step up from 2k.

I had to get a 4K , I’m not seeing the 3090 putting in any work on a 2560x1440p

Using a Gtx-1060, an I7-7700 on a 1080p monitor I’m dangling at the bottom of the Fs-chain but…

Watching your video and suggestions I decided to “gear-down” my Render-scale.
First I changed it to 80 which resulted in a Fps drop (don’t ask me why). Then I went up to 90 which gave me a significant boost in Fps. This aloud me to increase my other settings.

After some tweaking in the Fs-settings I was surprised about the image quality. It looks the same as Render-scale set at 100 but with a comfortable Fps reserve (on my 1080p that is :wink:).
Decreasing the render scale feels unnatural but I have to stay realistic and to be honest, I’m surprised seeing the result. With an average of 37 Fps I’m satisfied.

Thanks man :+1:t2:

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