Nvidia RTX 4070 (non Ti) Generall Discussion

So folks the day of reckoning.

Since this card has been available since last Thursday and I was able to build a “Budget” computer for a good friend of mine with the 4070, I wanted to share my experiences with this card here.

Pc of my buddy:
Cpu: Ryzen 5 5600X
Ram: 32GB 3600Mhz
Sim is installed on a 2TB M2 SSD by Samsung
At the moment he is still playing on a 144hz Full HD monitor which he wants to change to a 2k next.

In Full HD and the standard ultra settings of the Sim, with TAA Antialising so with NO DLSS and NO Frame Generation active:

We have reached an average of “70 FPS” in the Flybywire Airbus taking off from the payware KJFK towards New York.
In the PMDG 738 Its about the same as the Flybywire and in the Fenix its like 6-10 FPS less.

Now if you leave the Settings as above but enable just the “Frame Generation” you can easy almost double the numbers.
So if he just flies in an not so high populated area thats not so heavy on the CPU, he easy runs into his Monitors FPS Limit from 144FPS.
Meanwhile, I could not see any difference in image quality with activated
Frame Generation but that could be because of the “just” Full HD Display.

And when you then Lock your Frames at 60hz with Frame Generation on, the 4070 just barely hit 50% workload and uses just about under 100 Watts and you can save some money on your energy bill^^

First of all, we are mostly within the CPU limit here, atleast when we add some FSLTL Traffic on some higher settings and some other gimmicks the FPS can sometimes drop briefly, especially when looking around etc…

So switching to a Ryzen 5800x3D should be considered as the next step and should get an extra boost on performance so that hes ready to switch to an 2k Monitor.

All in all hes happy with his new Machine so i got that as a plus.

In terms of the 4070 alone hmm,

in my oppinion the Card costs like 50 -100 bucks to much for what it is.

It just feels like an 3070 or at some benchmarks an 3080 that they gave that extra selling point gimmick aka DLSS 3 / Frame Generation and placed an extra 100-200 buck pricetag on it just for that.

Without that features the Card is nothing Special besides that its tiny compared to an 4070 Ti and higher and runs with just 200 Watts and you can save a little bit if you upgrade your pc and doesn´t have to buy a new stronger power supply or something like that.

If the card would cost about 100 less, it would be the perfect MSFS entry-level card.
Because you can expect nothing less than a Sim in Ultra Settings running in up to 1440p resolution at 60 FPS locked and also have a low power consumption, at least in combination with a fast CPU.

So i still got mixed feelings about the 4070…

So what are your experiences with the card and how do you find it in connection with the MSFS?


For testing, if his monitor supports them (which it should, at least at 60Hz) you can create custom 2k and 4k resolutions in NVCP. Performance should be no different to using the actual monitors of that size although slight burriness is to be expected (NIS can help here).

Interesting to hear about your impressions of this card. Has anyone tried it in VR? The 4070 is branded as a 1440 card. I’m afraid it might be on the weak side for VR.

Any disadvantages from having 192 bit memory bus?

For VR you better off with an 4080 because of the limited 192 bit memory bus and just 12Gb Ram of the 4070

As said above in VR or 4K yes,
in Full HD and 2k aka 1440p Not a big of a problem.
There you are far more limited in future by the 12GB Ram than the 192 bit memory bus.


Thanks for the info. This is my dilemma at the minute, the 40 series really is a cluster mess of pricing and performance.

You can also upscale using TAA. Honestly @ 1080p I would being using TAA to upscale to 2k - it makes the small text and numbers in the cockpit much easier to read.

I have no bluriness with dlss+dlaa, just more detail

I would really like to see some data/comparisons of the 4070 vs 3080 in MSFS, at 4K resolution.
I need an upgrade for my 2060 Super and 4070 is the only Nvidia card within reach, financially.
But people say/i’ve read here and there that in some cases (MSFS too?) the 3080 10GB performs better at 4K.
Looks like it can vary between different games whether or not that’s the case.
Here in the Netherlands a second hand 3080 10GB goes for at least € 500 at the moment, while a new 4070 can be had for € 670.
A new 4070 looks like the smarter thing to do.
If the second hand 3080 dies on you shortly after purchasing it, you have nothing…
4070 is “only” € 170 more expensive, but then you get 2 more GB VRAM, two year warranty, and DLSS3 (not sure whether i’ll use FG with MSFS though).
But that 192bit memory interface is so frustrating, as well as only getting 12GB VRAM for a € 670 GPU in 2023.
I’m not sure if i can live with that yet, and i need a GPU that will last me like 5 years or something like that and i’m not sure if that will be possible with a 4070.

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Hi there

On my Omen HP from early 2022 , with an Intel I7 12700f ,32 Gb Ram and from a RTX 3060 ti 8G and Monitor 21:9 1440p and hardly could go with 26 or 30 frames but with lots of stutters pn big airports ,descending to 12 o 8 fps with using Fenix A320 and FSTL traffic add on…

But now, i managed to buy A zotac gaming geforce rtx 4070 twin edge oc 12gb gddr6x dlss3
And still on test using of course DLSS3 ,using parameters ( not ultra for now) from Nvidia Geforce destop program recommended ,and get a smooth 56-60 frames or fps on big airport and using fenix on 4K and 60 -70 frames on air above 10000 feets

So thats amazing for me coming from a RTX3060 ti, because of the directX12 ( still on beta but seems last nvidia drivers fix crash issues) and the DLSS AI system on rtx 4000 series

so far, for 586 euros ( less in us dollars) seems ok for me as airline fan simmer ,althought still on test … only two days

The Zotac Card its about the same size almost( 2 cms longer one cm wider same cms high) and watts hungry consumption that the Rtx 3060ti ,so for me thats ok for now

I don’t know what will happen in hardware demand from next fs2024 , but hope this setup at least works fine for that.


Hi All,
it is time to change GPU. Currently on board: GTX 1070 with R5 5600X and 32GB RAM. PSU 650W. Monitor 1440p.
I think I would go to nvidia 4000 series (I think that it doesn’t make sense to buy older generation) and I think optimal choice for me is 4070 (non-Ti).
My question is: what manufacturer to choose? What model equipped with good cooling, with no problem with coils, etc? What manufacturers/models to avoid?

My recommendation is switch to a 5800X3D while you can . I have an RTX4070 and (ASUS Dual). The 4070 is already a cool and efficient 200w card with 3080 performance.

Avoid payware airports from Inibuilds and DD that will put strain on vram.

Let’s say that 5800 is not within my budget.
I read many topics about which 4070 is worth to buy and I’m still confused.
Some says that 3-cooler card has better culture (more quiet, coolier, etc.)
Really - I don’t know which to buy. Personally I thought about ASUS TUF (Strix is too expensive) or maybe any MSI or Gigabyte.

Here’s the thing the 4070 will not break 60+ degrees even with the dual fan cards as long you have a decent case. The 4070 is going for $514 right now. I believe that’s a Zotac card.

Ok, thank you TotalMoon…

Any other advices from anyone? :slight_smile:
What do you think about Asus, Gigabyte or MSI?

I’m sorry for little of topic: maybe is there a better alternative to the 4070 at a similar price that will work well with the R5 5600X? 6800XT maybe?