Please add SLI Support. Such a modern game should support SLI GPU configurations. Please I really need this

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Mee too i have 2x GTX 1070 !

I really hope this will be supported this year .

SLI has been considered dead for a few years now, don’t count on it.


Yes modern game game but I thought SLI was a thing of the past?

I’ve got an X99 system with an I7-5960X and three 980Ti Classifieds in SLI that would love to give this program a go…Never happen, I’m afraid, but it would be nice to dust the cobwebs off it. It’s still a very capable system in most respects, but FS2020 would be a challenge for a single 980Ti. Three in SLI would be fun to try.

Heh, I’m still on my 5960X as well, used to have 2 970s (and then a third just to try, borrowed) but sold one quickly (then the 2nd, 2080S in it now) since I never got a single occasion where SLI actually worked satisfactorily.
Any time it worked performance wise I’d have the usual SLI microstutters I just couldn’t stand.

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The best I could OC mine was 4.5Ghz, but it was still giving 14nm Skylakes a run for their money. And I miss those 40 PCIE lanes. I just wish my MSI mobo’s single M.2 NVME SSD socket wasn’t PCIE Gen 2. I ran 3 SATA SSDs in RAID 0 for my game drive, and that worked really well. Had my RTX2060S in there until I built this new machine.

Mine is at 4.4 all cores daily. 4.5 worked but I’d get an occasional crash. Got a Rampage V and m.2 is PCIe3 :slight_smile:

It’s funny what this thing got through, built it back in 2014 right when the X99 platform and 900 series cards came out - m.2 NVMes were not even a thing you could buy yet so I had 2 240GB SATA SSDs in RAID0 as system drive initially. It’s still within 30% of a 9900K’s stock perf, although with a much higher power consumption :smiley:

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Mine’s a MSI X99A SLI Plus mobo. Its original BIOS only supported AHCI M.2, but a later BIOS update supported NVME, so I upgraded. It still only supported PCIE Gen 2 though. Yes, I know what you mean about power consumption to get that 4.5Ghz! I had a 1050W PSU in there.

SLI is not dead. The new NVLink, which is a vast improvement over SLI with much faster data transfer rates, is backwards compatible with SLI. NVLink offers pure multi-GPU processing, removing the current Master-Slave topology and latency that SLI suffers from. But the fact that the very latest cards (RTX 2080 Ti) offer SLI over NVLink suggests that the technology is still being supported by the manufacturers.

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If this sim is so GPU-hungry, then adding SLI support would be nice. So few software titles support SLI nowadays; only the top-tier GPUs supported it, but I’d love to give my GTX-980Ti triple SLI system a go at it!

Well the now-very-latest cards did away with it apart from the pro-focused 3090 :slight_smile:

Like Kilrahvp said, Nvidia are doing away with SLI/NVLink with the latest cards apart from the professional level 3090 (those are for partnering up for things like rendering and processing in compute mode). AMD stopped creating cards with Crossfire in 2017 and only really support limited applications running DX11.

I’m an SLI fan. I’ve had 2 cards in my machines in the past and I loved the way my cases looked being filled with more than one card. But its time accept that SLI and Crossfire are basically dead outside of professional applications and even a lot of those are not supporting multi-gpu solutions. A single top-tier/professional card is powerful enough for pretty much almost all applications these days.

JayzTwoCents and LTT even say as much too-
JayzTwoCents - Don’t buy two cards!
Techquickie - Are SLI and Crossfire DYING?

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I guess the best we can hope for is multi-GPU support in DX12.

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I would like SLI support. I have two GTX 1080Ti GPUs … one does all the lifting whilst the other takes a nap. When both cards are lifting, the rig is exceptional.

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Nvidia is not even including SLI support for the 3000 series except the 3090 so…guess that is going to be a no go.

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exactly, SLi itself may be dead, but HB SLi and the evolved NVLink is hardly dead at all.

NVLink actually 100% removes the dependence on the PCIE Bus for card-to-card crosstalk.

NVLink uses a whole new interface that direct connects the cards GPU and Memory wise, and only a tiny fraction of the PCIE Bus is needed for Sync reasons. in fact, the latest NVLink revision only needs a single PCIE Lane for that Sync data.

HB SLi ( for the 10 series and early 20 series cards ) removed 60% of the PCIE Bus dependence and used partial direct card-to-card crosstalk to give a better performance of SLi without over-saturating the PCIE Bus.

i just got my hands on a second 1080 Founders Edition ( a actual nVidia Reference Card ) and im going to test out HB SLi for the Sim.

ill be making a nice topic on it with Dev Mode and MSi AB reports and video captures. right now, i dont have the bridge ( ordered and on the way ) , so the second 1080 is just a PhysX Dedicated device.

Doesnt change the fact that SLI is dead, The new videocards dont support it (only the 3090). SLI is dead for gaming. They better focus on important things, for example Gsync.

SLi may be dead, NVLink is not.

Also NVLink is only supported by the 3090 and its not really meant for gaming. Multi GPU for Gaming is dead.