Nvngx_dlss.dll file not working for me

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I have a RTX 3090. Even though I downloaded and manually changed the nvngx_dlss.dll file in the content folder I am unable to get the option to change my Anti-Aliasing value to NVIDIA DLSS. I have tried several times and rebooted the computer. What am I doing wrong.
I do have 2 Microsoft Flight Simulator folders in the XBoxGames folder, one is Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the other Microsoft Flight Simulator Digital Ownership, the digital ownership does not have a nxngx_dlss.dll file.

You don’t have to change any file to get DLSS, since it’s supported natively by MSFS.
Restore all the original files and it will work. Hopefully you made backups.

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Mr Fuzzy
I was enticed by the videos on YouTube to think I could improve my frame rates by updating my nvng_dlss.dll file. I did restore the original file and the program is running fine. Thanks for your response.

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“BTW I have dlss option I am looking for the “nvidia dlss super resolution option.”

That’s it.

Sorry guys. I am an aviation nerd not really savvy with computers. Can your responses be put in such a way that a computer illiterate can understand?