NXi question: How to jump to another waypoint?

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I’m not experienced with the NXi, watched several tutorials, but one thing that I have not seen anywhere so far is:
How do I jump to another waypoint?
I normaly set up my flightplan in the worldmap, jump into the cockpit and fly the rout via NXi like that.
Pretty simple of course.

Now, how do I change during flight what waypoint I want to fly to?
This is mainly if you change your mind and want to fly a shortcut, meaning skipping some of the programmed waypoints and jump forward.
How do I tell the NXi that? Does anyone know a videotutorial that shows this or could explain me the steps via screenshots?

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The manual
190-02178-00_B.pdf (garmin.com)

While looking at your flight plan
click in the FMS knob
use the outer/inner knob to move through the different waypoints
when the one you want is highlighted
menu button - activate waypoint

from memory
Check out the Kip videos
MSFS: G1000 NXi - Programming Flight Plans from Scratch - Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube

It might read “Activate Leg”

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The above will activate that leg but keep the sequence, meaning you have to fly the exact same plan as before…

If you want a true shortcut, you proceed as advised before by hitting the FMS knob, turn the outer ring until the WPT you want to go to is highlighted then hit the DirectTo button, and enter twice
That gives you a meganta line from your current position to that WPT (and the sequence after that WPT remains in place), hence a shortcut!