NY Bridges - Xbox

I’m on Xbox

Has anyone tried the NY Bridges scenery pack? Does it work ok with the NY city Times pack (they have some bridges created in that pack too).

I was hoping this will fill out the missing bridges in the NY area and improve the sim experience but I don’t want it to clash with the NY scenes pack as I enjoy what that offers.

Thanks in advance

I have it on PC and highly recommend it.
I do not have the NY Landmarks Pack but the author’s Simmarket description states that it is fully compatible (again on PC).

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I read that they had two versions on PC as there were a couple that clashed. wonder which one they have used for Xbox.

There are 2 bridges, Williamsburg and Queensboro, which will conflict with SamScene with Xbox.
I discussed this issue with MSFS and they said that these sorts of issues will continue for the foreseeable future! They have no plan to fix at this time!
If you are using a PC go to https://secure.simmarket.com/rkbridger-all-29-new-york-bridges.phtml
There are 2 versions available, you can take both for the same price, which allows you to use a version with all the bridges if you are not using Samscene, and a version which has these 2 bridges removed so there is no conflict with Samscene.
I hope this helps, but MSFS are the boss!

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Thanks for your reply

Question. Since you are offering both installs for the same price on simmarket, can’t you for MSFS make this a bundle which includes both installs, then Xbox users can choose which install to use.

Switching mods we are used to. We have to do it for Bijan seasons, and they are a success on Xbox. Otherwise you are forcing Xbox users to choose either you package or samscene


That is what I wanted to do but MSFS told me I couldn’t. I will go back to them with the Bijan example.

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The pack by rkbridger is fantastic. He does excellent work. However, I am on PC so can’t say for the Xbox.

If they won’t allow for two packs on Xbox , then I might suggest just releasing the version without those two bridges as I assume most of the Xbox users like myself will also have/want the city pack as well.


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I would have to second this. The work looks truly astounding. I would love the bridges to be updated around the area, but 3 weeks ago samscene New York released on Xbox and so many of us have that pack. I would love to have updated bridges, updated color corrected buildings, a working Times Square, and the park in full fall foliage with Bijan pack.

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On XBox, users are having lots of CTDs since SU7. I cleared mine up by removing conflicting airports that updates to World Updates through Contnent Manager reintroduced (prior updates respected conflicts you had removed).

I’ve suggested this to some people, some it fixed their problems, so it didn’t. I am wondering if it might be Samscene and the bridges mods together. People have to read the text, and it’s the third paragraph that says to beware of conflicts. We all know, not everyone reads the text. Every few days someone still tries flying the eye hospital and wonders why they can’t.

Is it possible on Xbox to instead of having the 29 bridge version, that we can get the 27 bridge version instead? I suspect this may clear up a lot of the CTDs people are experiencing

(And No, I don’t know why sim update 7 has reacted so badly to a conflict on Xbox, particularly far away from the conflicting resource. But my crashes were reproducible, and once all conflicts removed, I can’t make the simulation crash.)

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Yes, a 27 bridge pack will be released, but as you know the MP is very slow!

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Thank you!

Excellent news, I will purchase that one.

Sorry to bump this old thread, but couldn’t get a clear answer from the replies above: is anybody running the NYC 29 bridge pack and Samscene without problems on Xbox?

@drrybuoytoo any news on the 27 bridge pack for Xbox?

@Napa9469 I had a back and forth with MSFS for months but they would not allow the 2nd version. I think their new package priority system is an attempt to resolve the conflict issue. We will see how it works out.
As for Xbox users running both I can’t say as I don’t use Xbox but I know there are Xbox users using them both and perhaps one of them will comment.

I have been running both packs on XBox series X, and have not had any issues other than the occasional stutter and slightly low FPS, but that’s just par for the course around NYC, even without the additional scenery. The bridges all look fantastic!


I run both at the same time also on Xbox and it seems fine. I also have the Newark Bridges added into the mix. I suspect Asobo’s JFK could be adding to some of the low performance issues in the area, it’s always been kinda bad around NYC regardless.

@drrybuoytoo, there was an update I could swear was for the bridges a few months back, I think there was one for the NYC Times as well at some point as well. Perhaps a change was made for them to both work? What was done in the last update to the bridges?

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@RandyFlagg9653 Yes, the update was to fix elevation problems caused by the USA WU. The bridges in several of my packages needed to be relocated to better blend with the surrounds.


Thanks for chiming in. I just tested it on my Xbox Series S and you’re right, both @drrybuoytoo and Samscene’s packs do load together.


  • It seems like the bridges included in both packs (Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge and Queensboro Bridge) are both being rendered “on top” of each other, and since the position of the bridges is slightly off in each pack, it looks awkward.

  • On my Series S, the game sometimes crashes when I’m flying close to the duplicate bridges - the Queensboro Bridge seems to cause the most problems so far.

But overall, still seems better than the bridges being rendered as dams…