NZA Simulations Nelson - First Impressions

Last week NZA Simulations released their first payware airport for my home country of New Zealand, Nelson (NZNS). I was fortunate to win a copy of the product through a competition on their discord channel, so it is only fair that I share some screenshots of the prize.

NZNS is an airport that I fly into several times a week for work IRL, so I can testify to the accuracy of it’s recreation. In fact I would go as far as saying that in all my years as a flight simulation enthusiast, both the attention to detail and level of both quality and performance surpass anything I have installed to date!

The terminal features an impressive geometric wooden ceiling that has been recreated perfectly, along with the coffee shop I visit on turn arounds, and advertising boards that actually show the same adverts that are playing on the LCD screens in the real world!

The GA hangers include custom models of real world static aircraft that are unique to Nelson in their correct parking spaces and add an extra level of immersion.

I’ll be guest hosting the MSFS Official Twitch stream later in the month to show this scenery and wider region off further. Keep an eye on @Jummivana’s emails for more info!