Oak Island looks worse after WU11

I think Oak Island really lost with the Canada update. Autogen, mesh, not much seems right.

What’s wrong? What are you expecting? Looks good to me, but I don’t know what it’s “supposed” to look like, or even where it is.

Before the udpate it did look better, if I remember correctly.

Yes, I believe you feel that way. I’m just wondering how? If you can’t say what was better, how can it get fixed?

As with most pieces of land, realism is best viewed from above 1000’. Here is the real thing…

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Anyone have a picture of it from before WU11?

Boy, that looks good to me, though, I do agree, I do hate those bald spots that show up randomly in the sim. The rest looks pretty good to me, though. But if you feel it looks worse, I’m not gonna hold that against you in any way.

Easy enough to fix that bald spot by adding some trees.

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