Object only draws when really close

I have this issue on only one of my own imported objects. All other imported objects show up just fine, but one only pops in when I’m practically divebombing the building.

My xml only shows this:

?xml version=“1.0” ?
ModelInfo guid="{df4edded-554a-4880-4805-15f27a714f00}" version=“1.1”/>

It’s the big round building in the middle that draws only when close

Probably some scaling confusion. The sim likely thinks it’s smaller than it is.

In Blender get it to full size and then add a rectangle and place the model in it.

Make the rectangle invisible in the MSFS material properties and the sim will read the rectangle and model as the same thing and should cure its draw distance problem.

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Sounds logical. I’ll try this tonight.

Small extra question: what exporter do you use. I have a sneaking suspicion mine is out of date. It says version 1.1 in the xml.

Blender2msfs. 1.1 is the number you want.

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