Oceania reefs missing

I live in the CNMI - Saipan. I have traveled a bit to islands in Oceana and one thing that is missing from all the islands I visited in MSFS lack the extensive reef systems that are a feature of just about every destination. This really detracts from immersion when you see the real thing every day. Guam in update 13 is a perfect example.

Is this going to be addressed somewhere down the road? Pretty disappointing concidering all the hype regarding this release. Otherwise though, great job:)

Water masks all over the world have been added piece by piece over the last 3 years in the background. So I would assume they do these areas as well at some point. But who knows when.

Screenshots & World Discovery is where people talk about places to fly and share screenshots. The best place to discuss this is in Community Support > World. I have moved your post there.

If you are not seeing water masks where you believe there should be a water mask based on your own experience, please:

  1. Log a feature request in Wishlist.
  2. One post per country – this is extremely important!
  3. Please be specific about where they are missing. Do not leave it up to the team to guess. Backing up with photographic evidence or a map screenshot.
  4. Tag it #scenery #oceania and #water-mask so that others can find it. If the country or island has a tag, use that, as well.

3rd party developers can’t help here. We do not have the ability to make transparent ocean or lake polys, which would let the aerial imagery show through. A good example is Fakahina (NTKH). WU13 added the missing aerial imagery of the lagoon, and then covered it up with a ‘lake’ poly. We can exclude the lake poly to see the aerial and change it to land. But adding any type of water poly back in now covers up the lagoon with the opaque water shader of it’s type. :frowning:

Talking about “Oceania Reefs” – How about this for a new exciting direction.

next WU - “The OCEAN”

Bathymetry data for the oceans, instead of all water only being a few feet deep.

Not revolutionary – Lockheed Prepar3D has had this for years.

This will lead to realistic wave height, and then a better model for Objects floating on the water.

Then development of sim-objects that can be driven Under water, and a whole new opening up of Underwater Scenery Development-- Coral Reefs, Wrecks, sea-life, fishes, whales & dolphins etc etc.

While not revolutionary, (Lockheed P3D already has this), it would literally open up a whole new world for MSFS … Flying Under water .