Oculud rift question

Hello, I do not have any experience in VR.

But I am thinking about buying one, but don’t want to spend too much money, so I have opportunity to buy used Oculus Rift for 75€, guy selling it states that he doesn’t have remote controler and sensor.

Which function remote controller and sensor have?

If I buy it, can I use it for FS, I need only to have option to look around, does that sensor is needed to sense movement or Rift have some kind of sensor built in, like mobile phone have?
I would use HOTAS, mouse and keyboard to fly the plane, so Rift would only be for head movement without using mouse and to have more realistic display of sim world around me.

Also, would my hardware be enough to run at high end setts?
I have i7-4770, 24GB, GTX 1060 6GB, currently running at high end setts 30 fps (limited) @1920x1080 resolution. Sim is running nice, maybe few stutters in more demanding areas.

Without at least one sensor of two and at least an xbox controller or one remote controller you can‘t do anything with it. The sensor senses the movement of the headset and the controller is needed for the „in-VR“ controls as you obviously cannot see your keyboard. If you use wireless Rift controllers you need two sensors.

Additional info: The Rift requires a spare HDMI connection and a USB 3.1 hub, I believe the sensors require USB 3.1 too.

His offer aims towards people who have the Rift and broke it.

It‘s off-topic but I‘d also really appreciate it if at least the spelling of the title would be checked, it has to do with respect in my parental education.

For the computer hardware:

I have an i7 6700k and a GTX 1080Ti on a Z170a Krait gaming mainboard and the Rift. I can fly VR with default analogue cockpits in medium to low settings at roughly 30 FPS, glass cockpits are not readable due to the low resolution of the Rift. The PMDG DC6 stutters in VR. The FBW 320 isn‘t enjoyable either.

So until I buy better GPU no VR for me.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

About spelling, one letter and you acting like I ma misspelled whole sentence. I didn’t even noticed.

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  1. Your GPU is too weak to drive Rift S.
  2. Without the Rift S controller, you cannot access desktop and other programs. You have to take off Rift S from your head to do that, which is rather inconvenient.

This is not S, only Rift, if there is that model.

I have a 980TI and can use the rift in VR – gets very poor around large built up areas but over the county side it fun to fly

Even for a CV1 Rift MSFS will just take a toll and GTX 1080 and above are pretty much the requirement.
Meanwhile 980s/1060s/1070s can drive CV1 Rift in most other titles without breaking a sweat.