Oculus 2 and Latest Update

I had another thread regarding the poor visual quality of the Oculus 2. I ordered a Reverb G2, which came today. Hooked up the Reverb as comparison and the game had to update. Played with the G2 initially and it looked great. Then fired of the Oculus and it looked amazing, however, the Oculus is now extremely choppy. Ie turning my head has total screen lag, the music is choppy etc…but the visuals look great.

Is anyone else having issues with the Oculus with today’s update? I really, really like how it looks with the update today and would keep it and return the G2, but the choppiness makes it unplayable (the G2 is great on the same exact settings).

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I’m getting ready to and can let you know. Are you using Air Link, a cable or VD?

I use Quest 2 and air link. Performance was unchanged after todays update.
Did your graphics driver get an update? When I updated mine my VR performance was terrible, so I reverted it and now it’s all good again.

Oculus tray tool is a must. A setting that helps FPS the most is limiting the FOV since the game renders more screen than the quest needs.

I don’t know your hardware, so I suggest you check this thread. Read the very top, then read the very bottom and start to fiddle with your settings until you hit that nice spot. Takes a while but it is worth it. Good luck!



I can never get the link cable to work. I always have to use Air Link. Anytime I use the cable I get the error that the headset cannot be found, even though it is clearly connected and working. I’m wondering if I changed some settings and didn’t pay attention, as I dialed some back and it was much better. I’m also wondering if it is the Air Link itself. I’m going to do some additional testing this weekend.

Replying to my own post, but I figured out the Link Cable. I didn’t realize, even after the cable is set up and working, that I have to click the link box (it’s called something else) within the headset to get it to work. I tweaked some settings and am pleased with how it looks. Going to test the OQ2 and Reverb this weekend and make a decision.

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you must deacitvate airlink option in your headset than you can see the questlink option and you can play via link and thats its the best way for the msfs. i love vr msfs so much
its cool the last few weeks

Twice I’ve had this choppiness happen. I went into Oculus debug tool (not the tray tool) and set encode bitrate from 300 to 0 and that fixed it. I kid you not and don’t know why but it works.

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